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    Got into Tufts with 30k scholarship, will decline.
  2. Ithaca, NY

    Looks like they tore down the old maple wood and are in the process of building a brand new community. After making 9 calls to the leasing office, I decided that they offer better housing options than the listings on Craigslist for an international student like myself. The reasons include: late lease starting date (8/20), utilities included in the rent, close to bus stops to campus and Wegman's, grad student and staff only community, and a roommate pairing system called RoomSync where you can find a roommate if you want to co-rent but don't know anyone. They are also pet-friendly and provide parking for a relatively low cost. I talked to a friend already attending my program and she agrees that's a good deal. If anyone is interested, here are the links: http://www.livemaplewoodapartments.com/ https://maplewoodithaca.com/
  3. 2018 Acceptance/Rejection Thread

    Thank you! Congratulations to you too!
  4. 2018 Acceptance/Rejection Thread

    I think I just made it six then!