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  1. Hey all! Designer lurking...any Set Designers hear from Yale? It's the only school I haven't heard back from yet after what felt like a pretty decent interview--the last time we emailed, they said they wouldn't have any info until after March 28th (which is seemingly later than for most of the other disciplines), but tomorrow's the first and I'm starting to get a little nervous...tried getting in touch yesterday and no one picked up the phone.... realized this is an old thread...going to find a newer one....
  2. I 100% have asked for an extension and have explained my circumstances but was refused an extension past the first...which given what I’ve now read about CGS seems weird....
  3. Hey! I'm in the same boat and am also stressing!! I just got an offer from a university I really like, but which is not my first choice, and I am waitlisted at one of my top choices and am waiting to hear back from the other top choice. Third choice is pressuring me to accept ASAP and I feel like I have no choice but to accept and then maybe say no later if I get in to the other schools (which feels icky to me, but I really don't know what else to do). Solidarity, and hope you figure out your situation soon!
  4. Thanks for this list! They totally are on it, so hopefully that means they adhere to those guidelines? Sorry to ask an obvious clarifying question, but the original question I was trying to get at is this: can you say yes to a school, get into another one, change your mind, tell the first school no, and commit to the second school, as long as it's before April 15?
  5. Thank you everyone for all your helpful feedback!! I’m keeping my fingers crossed and trying to remember I’m in a good spot...I’m just going to feel kind of bad if I say yes to this school and then change my mind.
  6. Thank you for letting me know! If I’m understanding the resolution right, I have until the 15th to make up my mind, in a permanent, binding sense? The biggest roadblock I’m presently encountering is that I have contacted the remaining school, was told I’d hear back a few days ago, have not heard, and have been having trouble getting in contact with them since then.
  7. It is a US school and it is offering me funding...I don’t know what the CGS resolution is, but it’s a public university if that helps. My dilemma is that they’re sort of making me say yes to them before I’ve heard back from everywhere I’ve applied.
  8. A school that I like a lot, but that is not my top choice, is pressuring me to accept by April 1. However, I am still waiting to hear back from my top choice, and am currently waitlisted at my #2...if accepted at either of these schools, I would almost definitely immediately say yes (pending some financial considerations)...is it ethical to say yes to #3, knowing full well that I may change my mind very soon? I like all three schools very much, they all have strong programs in my field, and if I only get into #3, I will certainly go there.
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