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  1. Thank you both! I think Pierre de Olivi's answer was exactly what I was looking for (i.e., the permission to give myself more a nuanced description of my language levels without merely listing courses taken, etc.). And, of course, proving your language competency really doesn't matter once you are in a program.
  2. *Note: I am asking this question specifically for those interested in academia, whether current or future professionals in the field. Question: how do you designate your language competence on your CV? Do you list your CEFR levels? Number of credit hours? Also, how do you highlight your competence in a certain language without devaluing your language work in other areas? For example, I know people who take one course in Syriac and list "Syriac (reading)" on their CV. But what if you have real professional working proficiency in another language (e.g., you can read professional articles or
  3. @xypathos - Do you know where YDS will be posting this information?
  4. Hello everyone! I've got quick question that you all may be able to help out with. I'm considering applying to Phd programs in English in the future. I have a B.A. in Religion, an M.A. in Business Management, and am finishing up an M.Div from a seminary/divinity school. Despite the fact that I do not have a degree specifically in English, would I have a chance at getting accepted into a Phd program if the school I apply to is known for their emphasis on literature and religious studies (e.g., University of Chicago, Baylor, University of Virginia, etc.)? Would this even be
  5. Has anyone here attended or know much about BU's School of Theology & Ministry? I'm looking to apply to their M.Div program next Fall, but I haven't found anyone who really knows much about it. The vibe I've gotten is that its pretty top tier (although not ivy-league tier) for divinity schools/seminaries. I know they have a reputation for providing substantial funding as well, but I haven't learned much besides that. I'm interested in the study of theology/philosophy and would be looking for a program that could increase my chances of getting into a funded PhD program. Any though
  6. Thanks so much for all of this information and advice! This has been really helpful. I'm still thinking Princeton would be the best fit for me. I've narrowed my list down to four schools: 1) Princeton Theological Seminary 2) Yale Divinity School 3) Boston University School of Theology 4) Union Presbyterian Seminary
  7. Hello Everyone! I'm looking to apply to some M.Div programs next Fall (2019) and need some advice regarding what schools would be a good fit and what my chances would be of getting into them. I've spoken with a couple of professors at a few different schools, but I'm hoping that this forum could help fill in the gaps. My criteria are the following: 1) Generous funding (*highest priority) 2) Solid academic reputation that would increase chances of getting into a funded Phd program in Theology/Historical Theology 3) Not hostile to conservatives (I'm a progressive evangel
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