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  1. Okay! Short time! What did you use to prepare? Are you going to take it again?
  2. How did you prepare for the GRE? How long did you prepare for?
  3. Hi Pratz, Check out: https://dxrgroup.com/scoreitnow and https://www.mbacrystalball.com/gre/gre-essay-grader/ Also, your paper is unavailable
  4. First, congrats on making it through your studies despite your medical challenges! That is noteworthy. As such, I think it is certainly something you need to own up to – acknowledge it and be proud of your accomplishments despite notable challenges. I also believe it is advantageous of you to be applying to a Counselling Program with an experience like this of having to push through a medical issue while dealing real time with a medical ailment. My opinions are as follows: 1. Do not ignore the Ws, Fs and Cs and pretend they do not exist – the admissions committee cannot read your mi
  5. I am a prospective MA student. Can I join in too?
  6. I am in the area of English too, but am applying to MA programmes. Can I join in as well?
  7. Hey, I'm preparing as well! I'm also self studying for the GRE! (**I've attached a vocab listing I found that is helpful to study from for the General Test**) I've found 2 programmes in the States I like though I'm looking at options in the UK and Canada too since I'm non-American and have no strong, unwavering feelings towards studying in the USA Magoosh 1000 vocab for GRE.pdf
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