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    African Diasporic Literature, Caribbean Literature, Postcolonial Literature, Feminist Studies, Psychoanalysis
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    2019 Fall
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    MA English/Literature/Literary Studies

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  1. NardyPardy

    SoP Swap!

    I am a prospective MA student. Can I join in too?
  2. I am in the area of English too, but am applying to MA programmes. Can I join in as well?
  3. NardyPardy

    Fall 2019 anyone?

    Hey, I'm preparing as well! I'm also self studying for the GRE! (**I've attached a vocab listing I found that is helpful to study from for the General Test**) I've found 2 programmes in the States I like though I'm looking at options in the UK and Canada too since I'm non-American and have no strong, unwavering feelings towards studying in the USA Magoosh 1000 vocab for GRE.pdf

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