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  1. Anyone have any insights on the decision release for UChicago's Masters programs? I've been waiting with bated breath since the day after Presidents' Day!
  2. Love that HDS just sent out a non-admissions-related newsletter email!!! Absolutely love. that. for. us. :'-)
  3. Hey all! I'm applying to MTS/MAR/MPhil programs, more towards the Philosophy of Religion side of things, with a focus on religion and literature, the secularization hypothesis, philosophy of sin, and philosophy of selfhood. I'm applying to Harvard, UChicago, Oxford, and Cambridge. Super nervous--wondering whether or not my atypical approach will find a proper home. I just have a BA right now, and I'm hoping to parlay the theology masters into a PhD in English Literature... fingers crossed. Best of luck to everybody!
  4. Also, a related query: does anyone know if there are still funded Masters programs accepting applications??
  5. Throwing my hat into the ring of rejected Duke applicants. Surprisingly not that disappointed, and still holding out a bit of hope on other programs. It also doesn't hurt the morale that I just found out a few days ago that I'm a semifinalist for a Fulbright grant... so I can treat my wounds with some nice ego-soothing salve. Continuing to wish you all the best of luck with the upcoming decision announcements!
  6. I found that on their website a while back and added it to my document of program notes... But of course now as I try to go back and find it, it's disappeared! I was pretty meticulous about putting the document together, so I would be surprised if I just totally spoofed on that, but it's definitely possible. I'm also having a hard time getting onto Duke's whole website at the moment, which is not at all my favorite timing.
  7. Duke decision is killing me... knowing that their window is the 19-23 (rather than, like, sometime in late January) has me looking at the application portal every 10 minutes. Jeepers!!!
  8. Humongous thanks to @WildeThing and @kendalldinniene for those coping stories. I'm especially worried because I'm going to be studying abroad next semester, which will hopefully take my mind off of grad school stuff, but which I also worry will remove me from my entire support system (profs/friends/family) so that when I get all the bad news, I'll have way too much alone time to let the rejection fester. I guess we'll see, and it'll be a growing experience either way. Also, re: decision dates, I know the Duke English department says on their website that they shoot for the January 19-23 window to have all decisions sent out. *nervously* No I don't have a countdown on my phone... why do you ask?!? Other than that, all the programs I've applied to say February-early March. And a question: I've seen some people post on here that they've gotten feedback from adcomms on their applications after getting no's back. What's the protocol for asking for something like that? Emailing the head of graduate studies in the department, or your POI specifically, or what? I feel like that would be really nerve-wracking, and I'd be scared of annoying them by making them spend more time with prospies than they had to (I've heard it's a universally dreaded process for profs to sit on adcomms in the first place). Do any of you guys have experience with that?
  9. Hey guys! First time posting here. I'm still in the process of finishing up my second writing sample for the Harvard app that's due in two days - fml - but then I'll FINALLY be done with the whole application process. This cycle I only applied to 5 dream programs, thinking that it really wouldn't be too terrible to take a year off, get some helpful feedback, and cast out a bigger net on the second go-round. But we'll see, maybe I'll get lucky. Like some of you have said, I've basically resigned to the fact that I won't get in anywhere, because the anxiety was eating. me. alive. I really relate to the problems of relatives putting too much wind in your sails.. If only they knew how much worse that makes it! Especially because it makes me feel pressured to live up to the image that other people have of my intelligence or "potential," whatever that even means. All around, it's too much. I think it's fair to say I'm planning on taking a more traditional approach than most of you here. My interests kind of satellite around the intellectual history of the 19th century and the impacts that shifts in cultural attitudes towards science and religion had for the individual experience... there seems to be this emergence of characters who are basically egomaniacs and who embody the zeitgeist of scientific progressivism, but then go absolutely bonkers. Even when the authors aren't religious at all, they tend to describe those characters in religious language, so I'm curious about what the hold up is, and about what it might signal about inhospitable conditions for human wellbeing. @mandelbulb I'm not sure there was a specific moment when I bumped into this topic, but reading Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in a Brit Lit survey class my junior year of undergrad played a pretty major role. Anyways, I better get back to it. This writing sample isn't going to revise itself. Best of luck to all of you guys, I'm sure this thread's gonna be filled with good news! (Tried to upload a pic of my dog but the file was too big /:)
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