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    Imalthica reacted to Mataharii in Venting Thread- Vent about anything.   
    I know unaffected people's opinions shouldn't matter, but I'm tired of being pressured to compromise my career for my boyfriend's by the more traditional males in my life.. it's just irritating to constantly be held to a double standard.
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    Imalthica reacted to NEHiker17 in Venting Thread- Vent about anything.   
    I am so sick of people not responding to emails!  I finally get an email from a professor who does the exact research I want to do after months of no response.  Oh, he'd be happy to chat with me!  I email him back right away, and two weeks later, no response.  April 15th is coming up fast, man!  I ask a simple question at another university - will the second round of funding offers be made after April 15th?  Seems like a simple question to answer, but no response after a week.  And then there's the graduate coordinator who does eventually respond, but doesn't bother to answer any of the questions in my email.  Maybe that's the famous MN indirectness?  I have no idea.
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    Imalthica reacted to lambda in NSF GRFP 2018-2019   
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    Imalthica got a reaction from DyingInside in NSF GRFP 2018-2019   
    I'm *technically* waitlisted at my top school in two programs. My partner has already been guaranteed funding at the same school for a different program, so I know where I'm going to be in the fall, regardless of my admissions status. I just NEED this scholarship though to make it in, or else I'm likely gonna have to reapply next year to both Tulane and the GRFP to get a hold of this elusive funding! I hate all this waiting, and my inability to do anything about it!!!
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    Imalthica got a reaction from IceCream & MatSci in NSF GRFP 2018-2019   
    Thanks! You too!
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    Imalthica reacted to IceCream & MatSci in NSF GRFP 2018-2019   
    Good luck!
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    Imalthica got a reaction from lambda in NSF GRFP 2018-2019   
    I'm *technically* waitlisted at my top school in two programs. My partner has already been guaranteed funding at the same school for a different program, so I know where I'm going to be in the fall, regardless of my admissions status. I just NEED this scholarship though to make it in, or else I'm likely gonna have to reapply next year to both Tulane and the GRFP to get a hold of this elusive funding! I hate all this waiting, and my inability to do anything about it!!!
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    Imalthica reacted to DyingInside in NSF GRFP 2018-2019   
    Is anyone waiting on making a PhD school decision until they hear from NSF?? One school is really putting the pressure on me to tell them my choice but, the tow choices I have are so highly ranked for me it really is coming down to the funding. I feel like I should wait.... anyone with a similar problem?
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    Imalthica reacted to MOspina in NSF GRFP 2018-2019   
    OH NOOO!!!!
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    Imalthica reacted to rowboat in NSF GRFP 2018-2019   
    Not to add any stress, but I was wondering if anyone else noticed that the number of awards is lower this year than in previous years. Apparently they are only offering 1500 awards as opposed to 2000. I'm upset because we have a lesser chance of winning. 
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    Imalthica reacted to epi_hopeful19 in Accept offer without funding or see if I get off waitlist - any advice?   
    Ok, that would be incredible if it came through for you! Crazy how everything seems to get backed up till right before the deadline. I'd had these naive hopes that I'd get multiple funded offers and be able to figure everything out by April. 
    Yeah, figuring out how to market yourself is likely something I need to work on as well. I don't think having multidisciplinary interests should hold you or anyone back, but it likely is harder to package/communicate those interests in a way that makes programs feel that you are the perfect fit. If I do wind up reapplying, that's something I'll have to give a lot of thought to, especially because I thought my statement of purpose was really strong but...perhaps I was wrong about that given the way things are turning out.
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    Imalthica got a reaction from Waitlistedbuthopeful in What are people's experiences being waitlisted?   
    That's so exciting, I'm so happy for you! I keep hoping something like this will happen to me soon too! I'm waitlisted at one school (my top choice), in two different programs, and it's super aggravating. One waitlist is unranked (no idea what's going on there), but I'll definitely be admitted if I manage to pull off the NSF-GRFP. The POI in that program really seems to be interested in/rooting for me, but they only take 1-2 people, and there's 6 other (younger) professors vying for those spots. For my other waitlist, I'm listed as number 6 in line for two different positions, so I'm really hoping! My partner got in though, to another program at the same school, so it's likely if I don't get in this year I'll reapply again next year, and try to take an RA position in the meantime. Uuuuhhhhgggg, so stressful!
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    Imalthica reacted to LizardLove in Tulane Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB) 2019   
    I've been weighing my options, but I will more than likely take the offer from Tulane.
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    Imalthica reacted to LizardLove in Tulane Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB) 2019   
    Congrats to your partner! If you don't get in this cycle, check with both departments and see if they will hire you as a lab tech.  There were a few prospective grad students who are currently lab techs and I'm sure it gave them a leg up on their application.
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    Imalthica reacted to LizardLove in Tulane Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB) 2019   
    Thanks! I hope things work out for you too  I’m interested in ecophysiology and how climate change will impact organisms and their ability to adapt.  Tulane is a great school for plant ecology. There’s several professors doing plant (and fungal) research, and I met many graduate students and prospective students who work on plants
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    Imalthica reacted to Waitlistedbuthopeful in What are people's experiences being waitlisted?   
    I'm waitlisted at my top choice and am kind of freaking out. I know waitlisting experiences vary so much across year and program, and realistically the chances of being extended an offer are slim since this program is amazing but I'd love to hear folks'  experiences/impressions of being wait-listed...
    What was it like and when did you finally hear back (with or without an offer)?  How do you keep your spirits up?  Did you re-apply to the same program?  
    😭 *sobbing intensifies*
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    Imalthica reacted to bpilgrim89 in So You've Been Waitlisted, Now What?   
    Hello! This is the Ghost of Waitlists Past! As someone who was waitlisted and ultimately admitted, I wanted to share a few reflections from my experience. Being waitlisted is the worst. Your application cycle has been dragged out even further. You feel a weird mix of joy and defeat. My inner saboteur kept telling me, "I was good, but not good enough." At the end of the day, you may not get admitted despite all this added anxiety. These steps, though, made me feel like I had done everything I could do. 
    1. If you want to be on the waitlist, re-affirm your interest. I do not just mean replying to the DGS's waitlist email saying, "Yes! Keep me on it!" (Though you should do that ASAP.) A week or two later, I also sent a formal letter to the DGS, i.e. 2 short paragraphs in an email with a Dear XXX and Sincerely XXX, re-affirming that the program was one of my top choices. Keep it concise and do not repeat anything from your SOP. This might only be one short paragraph. However, here are a few other things you might want to mention:
    1a. If this program is your first choice, say it. When I submitted my PhD applications, I was fairly confident this program was my first choice, but after having a few more months to reflect, I was now certain. In my letter, I said that and stated that I could confirm my attendance if admitted before the April 15th national deadline. This is a big commitment, so only say this if you are going to commit to that. When April 15th barrels down on the adcom, they want to offer admission to students on the waitlist that will accept their offer. Some adcoms will have a ranked list of waitlisted students, and this gesture may not do much. However, if your program's adcom does not have a ranked list, this may help.
    1b. Tell them about any admissions you have received. Some DGSs will ask for this, but either way, be sure to mention which programs admitted you! This makes you a more attractive candidate, and if those acceptances are from impressive programs, it could spur them to review your file to see what they might have missed. Plus, it also alerts them that you will need to know before April 15th since you have an offer on the table.
    1c. Any updates to your CV since you applied? After submitting my application, I had a few CV additions. I had a paper accepted for a conference, I was awarded a competitive grant, and I had another line of employment to add. I included those in my letter since those, like admissions to other programs, could spur some review of my application. Even if you do not have updates like that, you can still tell them about other things. Still in school and finished your fall semester with a 4.0? Tell them. Was that conference paper or publication listed as "forthcoming" on your last CV now given/published? Tell them. Did you finish a project at your job that seems relevant to the program? Tell them. The point here is not to brag, but to affirm that you are a hardworking candidate that could bring something special to the cohort.
    2. Ask the DGS what the waitlist procedure is. Some will tell you up front and in detail how they select students and how frequently they will update you about your progress. Some will be more opaque. Either way, you have the right to ask questions like, "How does the committee select students for admission from the waitlist?" and "Are waitlisted students able to visit the department, either at the open house or individually?"
    3. After you send the letter of interest, keep in contact with the DGS, but do not overwhelm them. This is where it is hard to be prescriptive. You will have to judge what is too much or too little contact. My suggestion is to err on the side of too little contact since you do not want to overstep. I would especially refrain from asking for updates. Instead, restrict yourself to major CV additions, i.e. other admissions, publications, professional conference presentations, or awards. I received my waitlist notice in late February/early March, and after I sent my letter of interest, I sent a total of two other emails: the first informing the DGS about two awards I had won, and the second – two weeks before that big April 15th deadline – asking for an update/re-affirming my interest.
    4. Update your LOR writers about your waitlist status. You should be keeping them in the loop about your application cycle anyway, but if not, tell them about your waitlist status. When I told them, one of my letter writers was very generous and offered to write to a faculty member on my behalf. Not everyone is going to have that reaction, nor should you ask it or even expect it. (I didn't!) However, informing them gives them the opportunity to take more action if they can. You can also ask them if there are any steps they think you should take. During the application cycle, I ran the suggestions in this list by my letter writers, and they approved of them, giving me more confidence to do them.
    5. If you have been admitted to other programs, evaluate those offers. Go ahead and start narrowing down any admittances you have. For now, treat the waitlist as an admittance. As you evaluate your options, you might decide the waitlisted program is not your first choice. If, however, you feel like the waitlisted program is your first choice, then hold on to it and decide which of your current offers is your first choice. Once you have selected your top admitted program, decline your other offers. Then inform the DGS at the top admitted program that you have been waitlisted at another, especially if you plan to wait until the April 15th deadline. When contacting the DGS, I affirmed that I was impressed by their program and would be excited to attend, but that I was waitlisted for a program that was a better fit for me and intended to wait. The DGS appreciated my transparency and that she could prepare for potentially notifying people on their waitlist. Remember, you are not the only one on a waitlist!
    6. Be patient. The hardest thing to do on this list! In order to offer admission to students on the waitlist, the program has to wait for enough admitted students to decline their offers. Programs often admit more students than they expect to take, so even if one or two students decline their offers, the program may already have a fully realized cohort. Programs usually see major movement in late March/early April when students admitted to multiple programs have attended their open houses and have reflected on their experiences. Then, the DGS will begin sending out other acceptances. You could receive an offer of admission before then! You could also receive your acceptance after April 15th. I did not receive my acceptance until the day before the April 15th deadline. In the moment, it was nerve-wracking. However, because I had not officially accepted another offer, things went more smoothly for me and the two DGSs. If push comes to shove on April 15th and you still have not heard from the waitlisted program, you have to make a choice. It is your choice, but if you are seeking advice, I would strongly recommend taking the admission you already have. You truly do not know if you will be admitted until you get an official letter.
    7. In short, always be passionate, courteous, and brief. Each email you send matters and reflects what it would be like to work with you. Now that I am on the other side, I know at least one reason I was admitted was because I was determined and respectful. Proofread everything you send. Keep your emails short. Sound enthusiastic and professional.
    Good luck, my fellow waitlist survivors!
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    Imalthica reacted to pmcol in Fall 2019 Applicants   
    Hey everyone! Let's keep our hopes up and our chins up. I know it's tough seeing the decisions starting to roll in, especially if we're in our second or third application cycle (like me!). But, I am sure there is a place for each of our smart brains. Definitely, anxiety can creep up as the results (and anticipated rejection letters) unfold on gradcafe. Doesn't mean we aren't capable researchers. Whatever school we are admitted into will be the right one!
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    Imalthica reacted to pmcol in Fall 2019 Applicants   
    I'm sorry to hear about your rejection from UArizona. Sounds like you have a particular interest and I'm sure you're more than qualified. Keep at it, Tulane is an excellent institution. If you're optimistic about your other applications, that's great!
    Here rooting for you!
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    Imalthica got a reaction from pmcol in Fall 2019 Applicants   
    I applied, in order of interest, to Tulane (socio-cultural, as well as EEB), UT Austin (geography and EEB), Texas A&M (archaeology), UHawai'i (Botany), and UArizona (EEB). I wanna study ethnoecology and historical ecology in the gulf south to southwest, and central America. But Tulane is my top interest, I really, really wanna go there!  My partner applied there too, for linguistics and linguistic anthropology (wants to study language preservation and phonetics in the south and central America), so my fingers are super crossed!
    I just got my first rejection letter from UArizona, probably because no one I contacted there actually replied *eyeroll*, and I'm not super hopeful about Hawai'i either, but I'm optimistic about the rest!
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