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  1. I’m curious did anyone list projects in their CV/statement that started but got stopped due to covid? How did you list them?
  2. Hey guys I realized I made a slight error on my resume, the way I worded something made it look a bit misleading. Do any of you have a similar experience or thoughts about how this would impact my application?
  3. Are scholarship applications seen by the admissions committee? How does that process work?
  4. Do grant/financial award applications have to be submitted the same time as our actual applications?
  5. can you comment on how the general gre scores measure up to an overall application profile? My quant score is slightly below the 50th percentile but my other scores are 80+ so I'm a little worried about the quant portion!
  6. Still waiting to write the psych gre also, anyone know how much emphasis the gre holds?
  7. How strongly do they take into consideration applications for funding like sshrc. Just asking because we can only indicate 3 institutions in the application.
  8. Question about GRE scores, I'm not applying this year but I will be next. I have the general gre but not the subject. Ryerson states the subject is not required but recommended and uoft says you can write as late as april. Anyone know anyone who didn't have the subject one for ryerson? Or who wrote late for UofT?
  9. Do you happen to know what the usual research method mark is that those who have been accepted had?
  10. Anyone else freaking out waiting for UofT 2 year :(?
  11. What does it say when you are waitlisted on SGS?
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