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  1. How strongly do they take into consideration applications for funding like sshrc. Just asking because we can only indicate 3 institutions in the application.
  2. Question about GRE scores, I'm not applying this year but I will be next. I have the general gre but not the subject. Ryerson states the subject is not required but recommended and uoft says you can write as late as april. Anyone know anyone who didn't have the subject one for ryerson? Or who wrote late for UofT?
  3. Do you happen to know what the usual research method mark is that those who have been accepted had?
  4. Anyone else freaking out waiting for UofT 2 year :(?
  5. What does it say when you are waitlisted on SGS?
  6. Anyone know if there’s anyone who got into the UofT 2 year before end of March?
  7. Has anyone’s status changed? I saw on the 2018 forum that it changes from review in progress by department to review in progress by faculty of graduate studies? Don't know if it's a last minute change or what!
  8. Working on apps as well! A little stressed about how much social service experience I currently have. I have tons of research experience (1000+ hours) but social service experience includes: group support facilitator, peer support worker, senior's visitor, child community outreach volunteer. It totals up to about 1000 hours but I feel like its not enough. any advice if this is sufficient?
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