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  1. Undergrad Institution: R2 State School Major(s): B.S. Neuroscience Minor(s) : Mathematics GPA in Major: 3.90 Science GPA: 3.92 Overall GPA: 3.841 Type of Student: Domestic, Asian Female GRE Scores (revised/old version): Not taken yet, but on practices I have been getting in the low 160s Q and mid 150s V and 4 W Research Experience: 2 years at a stand-alone scientific institute studying aging→ 2 papers in preparation, no first author; wrote an honors thesis 1 year at a lab at my school studying behavioral neuroscience→ 2 presentations (at my school only) Just started a post-bac program this past July at a stand-alone scientific institute studying neurobiology Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Outstanding Thesis Award Dean’s List for 2 semesters President’s List for 3 semesters Received the Office of Undergraduate Research and Inquiry Grant Pertinent Activities or Jobs: (Such as tutor, TA, SPS officer etc...) I help at the outreach events at my institute targeting the local community as well as students. During Undergrad- Part of student government for 3 years (leadership) Was on the e-board of a club for 3.5 years (leadership) Tutored high school students in geometry, chemistry and SAT prep Any Miscellaneous Accomplishments that Might Help: I attended the Frontiers in Aging and Alzheimer’s didactic research training course by the Pittsburgh Development Center. I met some PIs of labs at schools that I plan to apply to and asked them if they would be taking grad students for when I plan to begin. Special Bonus Points: One of my PIs is well-known in the aging field and my current PI is well-known in the neuroscience field. I suppose the letter from my first PI will matter the most as I plan to apply to schools that have strong aging labs. Applying to Where: University of Southern California - Gerontology - Biology of Aging Northwestern University- Driskill Graduate Program (DGP) University of Minnesota (Twin Cities)- Biological Studies- Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biophysics (BMBB) Mayo Clinic- Biomedical Sciences- Clinical and Translational Sciences OR Biochemistry and Molecular Biology University of Texas Health San Antonio- Biomedical Studies- Biology of Aging NIH/OxCam- Biomedical Sciences Brown University- Molecular and Cellular Biology- Molecular Biology of Aging University of Wisconsin, Madison- Molecular and Cellular Biology University of Pennsylvania- Biomedical Graduate Studies- Cellular and Molecular Biology Cold Spring Harbor- Biological Sciences *I chose my programs based on what faculty they have who do aging research*
  2. Hi! I am applying this fall for Biomedical Sciences/ Molecular Biology PhD Programs. I want to do aging-related research (senescence) and I kind of geared my personal statement so it is clear that it is the type of research I want to do. However, I worry that it may be too specific. Would anyone be willing to read it and give some feedback? Please feel free to send me a message Thank you!
  3. I interviewed with Northwestern and am waiting for final decisions to be sent by the beginning of April. I have the BU Interview next week. I have got offers from labs at the NIH.
  4. You could always apply to the Post-Bac IRTA Program with the NIH. It is not too late since they take people via rolling admission. I have had 4 labs reach out to me since submitting my application and 2 offers.
  5. @Smeb lol thank you and I think it may be a new program or not actually an NIH PREP program. They only offer 3 assistantships and it does not directly say if it gets the money from the NIH. But I definitely think they should update their website if it is from the NIH though. I've never actually been to Boston, but it is a place I definitely want to live in for a bit to see if I like it since I've always wanted to visit. I just hope I get into one of the programs. I would be happy with any of them!
  6. Hi! I also applied to 7 programs. All the applications are in. My schools: Harvard, Northwestern, UIC, Boston U, UPenn, Mayo, Albert Einstein. I also applied directly to the NIH Post-Bac IRTA program for the Bethesda and Baltimore locations.
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