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  1. Got’cha. Congrats! Any idea if the formal acceptance letters might signal that all POIs have done informal calls? I’d received a reply to a thank you email from mine a few days ago and it didn’t seem to imply that she had chosen who she was accepting yet...but at this point I honestly can’t tell anymore 😅
  2. Were you the one who posted on the results page with mentor QM a couple weeks ago? I’d sent my POI a thank you email a few days after interviews and only received a response a couple of days ago; the response didn’t imply that she had selected anyone yet.
  3. Has anyone heard from Loyola Chicago Clinical Psych post-interview? They were supposed to have met to review on the 18th and it's been over a week since then...
  4. Congratulations! I interviewed there but didn’t end up getting accepted; it definitely seemed like a really great program though and if I’d been accepted it would’ve ended up being an unexpected top choice for me too! Who are you going to work with there?
  5. I was told that they were meeting to decide acceptances today (the 18th). So we should start to hear back within a couple of days!
  6. This definitely depends on whether you are applying to PhD or PsyD (at least in the US). I currently have 4 interviews for PhD programs and 0 clinical experience but a year-and-a-half of research experience and an honors thesis in all in the same/similar field as the POIs I applied to work with. I've heard from anyone I talk to that if you have to choose between gaining research or clinical experience, always choose research experience. My guess is this is because it is easier and expected that program's have to train people to become clinicians, but it is much more difficult to train someone to conduct quality research in such a short time period.
  7. Going to have to object to that idea. Two of the four invites I've received so far have been sent at 8am. Granted, I'm Pacific timezone and the schools were both Central so it was more like 10am for them. If you live on the East Coast/Eastern timezone I would say it's probably a safe bet not to receive anything by around 10am though. Pesky timezones mess with everything. So maybe midnight-10am unless you reside on the West Coast of the US; then change it to midnight-8am (so essentially you can hold off on the anxiety while you sleep ?).
  8. Darn...probably not much hope left then, but I guess I'll just have to wait and see ?. Thanks for the response!
  9. Do you happen to know from the UAB invitation whether or not it was a mass invitation? Trying to gauge whether or not I'm still in the running there
  10. I had the same issue! I got my first two interview invites in late December and they were both for the exact same days and didn't want to drop either. The second one I received was for a school that was one of my top choices but I had already committed and bought plane tickets for the other school and did not want to risk alienating them, especially so early in the interview season. My lab mates and current PI gave me the advice to email the school you hadn't committed to yet (the one that conflicts) and make sure to emphasize just how much you want to go to their interview but you've already made a commitment to another school that you want to honor. Then ask if there is an alternative interview date (there almost always is) that you could go to for an in-person interview. Also, since admissions makes their decisions so quickly, try to ask if they have an earlier interview date. If they say that's not an option then you can do the same thing with the school you already committed to and hope that they a.) have an alternate date and b.) your plane tickets can be changed. Feel free to PM me if you have any other questions! This sort of thing is a stressful, but good, problem to have.
  11. School: Loyola University Chicago Type: PhD Date of invite: 1/11/19 Type of invite: Email from Psych Department Office Coordinator on behalf of DCT at Loyola. Does not appear to be mass email, more like personalized template (e.g. insert name here type email) Interview date(s): Option of either 2/1 or 2/8 with social event night before I'm so excited, this was my first choice and I had doubts about making it to the interview stage for this program!!
  12. School: University of Cincinnati Type: Clinical Psychology PhD Date of Invite: 12/21/2018 Type of Invite: Personal email from POI Interview Dates: 2/15-2/16
  13. I’ve been doing a bit of a baking marathon. 6 dozen raspberry shortbread thumbprint cookies and a pan of copycat Starbucks Cranberry Bliss Bars today, a giant batch of Muddy Buddies and a pan of fudge yesterday, with plans to make about 4 dozen more cookies tomorrow. It’s a good thing it’s the holidays so there’s plenty of people to pawn them off to...
  14. I received an invite for interview weekend at Ole Miss last Tuesday (12/11)
  15. School: Oklahoma State University Type: Clinical Psychology PhD Date Of Invite: 12/18/18 Type of Invite: Personalized email from Department Interview date: 2/2/19
  16. Was it University of Nebraska? I got that email too. Gave me a mini heart attack until I saw that it was just a notification that it had been reviewed and was awaiting final evaluation.
  17. I love Assassin’s Creed Odyssey! I bought it right when it came out but hadn't had much time to play it since applications hit so quickly after. Now that all of that is over all I’ve been doing with my break is play Odyssey and stress bake!
  18. Oh how awesome, congrats to you too! Where are you interviewing? And yes, I figured out a response thanking them for the interview and how I look forward to both the interview and discussing research interests with my POI. I agree, gracious and courteous is always the way to go.
  19. University of Mississippi (Clinical PhD)! Given that this is my first application season I have also realized that I have no idea how to respond to one of these emails. Luckily I’m meeting with my lab’s Post-Doc today to talk about the interview process so hopefully she can help me out a bit.
  20. I just got my first interview invite this morning! Great way to start a Tuesday :) I wasn't expecting any notifications until at least Friday so this was a great surprise, aah I'm so excited!
  21. School: University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) Type: PhD Date of invite: December 11, 2018 Type of invite: Personalized email from director of clinical training Interview Date(s): Feb 1-2, 2019 Feel free to DM me if you would like to know POI.
  22. Unless your individual programs have dates listed on their website there’s no definite list. But, you can go on the results page and search through previous years for your programs to get a general idea! https://www.thegradcafe.com/survey/
  23. With only being allowed to work 10 hours a week and having finished up my last final on Monday I’ve had to find a hobby to keep myself occupied while waiting. Knitting. It is not going well for me so far...
  24. If anyone has applications that are missing transcripts but are hesitant to email grad admissions, don’t hesitate to bug them (in a friendly manner). I’d been missing both my official transcripts for a program despite sending one 2 months ago by email and another by mail 3 weeks ago so I decided to email the graduate admissions and after a day they responded back saying that they had both transcripts and would update my checklist within 24 hours. I think sometimes they just need a little friendly nudge to get everything uploaded.
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