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  1. itsannat

    poor undergraduate GPA

    Hi! Did you have any publications or research posters?
  2. itsannat

    poor undergraduate GPA

    Have you heard of doing a graduate certificate to show you can do the coursework while working in another lab?
  3. itsannat

    poor undergraduate GPA

    Hey everyone! I am trying to get opinions on my likelihood of getting accepted to Clinical PhD programs and Neuroscience PhD programs with a below average undergraduate GPA (3.2 overall and 3.25 last 60 hours). I worked in a lab for 1.5 years in undergrad and just started a position full time as a project coordinator in a neuroscience lab which is a two year commitment. I have not published yet but have a poster presentation coming up in a few months. My GRE scores were 160Q and 156V. Any advice on raising undergraduate GPA after graduation with other courses outside of doing a masters program? I am planning on applying for the Fall 2021 cycle. Any advice is appreciated!!!
  4. itsannat

    Looking for Bloggers!

    I would be interested in doing blogs about dealing with rejection and ways to improve your chances at graduate acceptances
  5. itsannat


    I applied because we have similar research interests at the time I was applying but my interests have changed a bit since then.
  6. itsannat


    So I'm waitlisted at Mizzou in the Cognition and Neuroscience program where the POI is interested in similar things to me but it isn't a great match because I am more interested in abnormal aging and neuro-imaging but he doesn't do neuro-imaging and he does healthy aging research. I also have two potential job offers in the neurology departments at the University of Miami and WashU. The WashU position doesn't really provide me with the research experience (its a psychometrician job) so I wouldn't get to really improve my skills and I probably wouldn't get published but the lab is really well known and the UMiami position is still with neurodegenerative diseases but not specifically Alzheimer's but I would have the opportunity to learn a lot of new skills and its a research job. If anyone has any advice on what route makes the most sense if I want to apply to graduate school in the next two years, which position is best or if I should just take the Mizzou graduate school's position if it's offered. PLEASE HELP
  7. itsannat

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    I got an email from one of the Mizzou POIs saying that he's been out of town and just starting to look at application for the cognition and neuroscience program. I think some of the non-clinical/counseling programs are still figuring stuff out. At least I'm hoping.
  8. itsannat

    Fall 2019 Cognitive Psychology Applicants

    Wow that is so annoying. I only got the email that they got my application together on the at 2 am on the 16th ?
  9. itsannat

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    I applied to experimental psych at South Carolina and GaTech cognition and brain sciences and have heard back from neither
  10. itsannat

    Fall 2019 Cognitive Psychology Applicants

    I got an email from Johns hopkins yesterday saying they JUST got my application connected with my GRE scores because it's a new system.
  11. itsannat

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    I applied to nine schools and have only heard back from one.. starting to get very nervous. Anyone else in the same boat? The one response was an interview invitation but still very nervous.
  12. itsannat

    Fall 2019 Cognitive Psychology Applicants

    I applied to the cognitive psychology program at Johns Hopkins. I haven't heard back from anywhere yet.

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