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  1. My POI who I had been in contact with prior to apps emailed me last week and said they are meeting to make the short list the first week of Feb. and that they will have on campus invites in early Marchish
  2. Sorry if this has been asked before, but has anyone heard anything about Columbia's PhD program? I saw someone posted a while back saying they heard back and interviews are the end of Jan. but their website says interviews aren't until late Feb. so I'm wondering if anyone knows or has heard anything more?
  3. Applied to a handful of PhD programs and got a lot or rejections but was offered a spot in a Master's program. This wasn't my original intention, but now I am trying to decide if I would be better off in this program (which geographically and in general opens a lot of doors compared to my current undergrad univ.) or if I should hold off and try to get a Lab manager position instead.
  4. The exception to this is if you also applied to the Knight Hennessy Scholars fellowship, interviews for that will be announced tomorrow on the portal at 12pm PST
  5. I've been coding in MatLab for 3-4 years now and I can vouch for that, it is super different, but working on the projects is significantly easier if you aren't making stupid little syntax mistakes so you would be way better off in the future even just learning the basics.
  6. I'm going on a short trip to Israel starting this weekend so I am just trying to keep myself busy until Sunday ?
  7. Mine also says In Progress, Seems normal.
  8. Another Social Psych applicant here, applied to 13 programs, nervously awaiting responses from schools. Good Luck everyone!
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