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  1. Thoughts on Teachers College Housing options? I am surprised by the relative affordability of the housing options/semester. I am wanting to make my transition back to academia as smooth as possible and feel like getting TC housing for at least the first year would be the most efficient option from a stress and quality of life perspective.
  2. For those applying to Ed Policy PhD. I saw a few people received denies last Friday, and a few others were admitted today which leads me to believe they are rolling out decisions rather than dumping it all on one day....to whoever posted in the results page as admitted. PLEASE MAKE YOURSELF KNOWN. We need answers!
  3. I feel like you missed the OP's point. Yes not all POC are a monolithic group and there are many POC who have been afforded many privileges in life and grew up in well to do Huxtable type situations. I think her point extends beyond color which she touched upon in the last paragraph, to be alone in this process in addition to being a minority can make this process much much more difficult. You self reportedly grew up in an environment that made access to college and postgraduate degrees a thing that seemed attainable, feasible, and supported. Yes, your identities as a WoC still hold weight, but at the end of the day, you still had support in the process. It is easy to understand from your perspective how you didn't feel the need to represent other people of color because you saw that representation in the friends and family you've been surrounded by. I can understand both perspectives but ultimately empathize with the OP a little more. I am not FGC but also do not know of any POC with more than a bachelor degree. Going through this process, I have felt alone and uncomfortable asking for help at times or seeking out support from non-POC folks as it can be intimidating and to expose yourself to vulnerabilities many POC work hard to keep hidden. I have found a few POC who have been helpful and my Master's advisor is an incredible Vietnamese woman (who married a Puerto Rican man) who has been an incredible sounding board in dealing with the politics of grad school. Not everyone has those supports though. @JustCallMeDoc I am sending you lots of love and good juju. To misquote NeNe Leakes (and I hope you get this reference)... " The door IS NOT closed yet!
  4. Do we know if USC does interviews? I called the program today but was sent straight to voicemail. USC is my top choice and I am trying already not to be devastated about the denial I will receive. I haven't seen anyone talk about interviews for the Ph.D. in Urban Ed at all throughout these threads. I can't imagine you would get admitted without making any contact with faculty but also......IDK.
  5. Was this a formal interview invite? I have heard mixed things about USC regarding interviews...I am wondering if they send out a blanket "you will interview" email, or if it's on the professors to reach out. Either way, I'm 99% sure I'm denied. I'm trying to pre-cope but it's hard. USC was my top choice...guess I'll know Friday for sure.
  6. Worries: That I won't get into any programs. Currently waiting for inevitable rejections from at least 3 schools and fearful that this Friday will seal the deal for the rest of the programs I applied into. Excitement: If my attempt at getting a Ph.D. in a profession I have devoted my life to fails, I will probably just get married and start a family with my partner of 7 years.
  7. I am applying to Northwestersn PhD in HDSP and I'm anxiously awaiting. Good to see there's movement for at least some of the programs.
  8. For those of you waiting with bated breath...I called the office today and asked about invitations for Grad weekend. Allegedly they are still sending them out so all hope is not lost yet (though I have already mentally moved on from Penn).
  9. @JWalters I applied to Penn and did not get an invite to their weekend. I am not upset in the slightest for many reasons... 1. Their application is free...Harvard is $105. The only investment it took to consider Penn was simply taking the time to apply. 2. They don't have a PhD to Masters alternative that they openly promote in a way that Harvard does. I also applied to Columbia and they don't readily promote PhD to Masters referrals. While some departments at Penn did say you may be offered a spot in a Masters instead it's not guaranteed and it's not as common as it is at Harvard. This was something many people pointed out during my visit to Harvard as well. When it came time to discuss the possibility of being admitted to the Masters instead, the convo was geared toward "the benefits of HUGSE". The community and intensive experience. But when it came time to talk about raw numbers......the conversation got tense very quickly. Financial aid was very facetious and admissions officers became protective. Many students asked the question, why would I consider this option...in one way or another, but were steered away from the money and asked to consider "the benefits". 3. Harvard is Harvard. Despite their claims to not care about their status...they bank on students falling in love with the name more than the actual practicality of what they're getting into by committing tens of thousands of dollars for a Masters, to better their chances at a PhD. Previously I've mentioned I know a few students currently in the PhD program. All of whom have masters from Harvard as well. In speaking with them, they made it clear that having a Masters didn't really benefit them as it didn't shorten time to a PhD but also, wasn't financially worth it because they knew they wanted to get PhDs in the end. The main takeaway I gathered from all of them was the only benefit to having a masters is that you learn "Harvard's way" of doing things. I refuse to subscribe to this notion that in order to be a great candidate I need to have already committed to the "Harvard lifestyle" via an expensive masters degree (especially since I already hold a Masters from an Ivy League school). I can't be mad with Harvard because...at the end of the day they do what the want ( sometimes to their detriment as we are seeing in this lawsuit they're facing at the undergrad level). I'm just disappointed that I fed into the hype, took time to apply, visit, connect, engage and show my commitment and now all I have to show for it is $400+ in the hole and anxiety waiting to get the inevitable rejection letter they'll send in 2 weeks. I know that's how admissions goes but at the end of the day, I still have a right to feel annoyed.
  10. Just feeling the need to vent here as I am coming to terms with not hearing anything from Harvard. I've heard this in whispers and throughtout other forums on the internet but it seems like althought Harvard says..."masters degree not required" or "masters in ed field not required" they have a VERY CLEAR preference for people who 1. Not only have Masters in Ed but 2. Recieved them at Harvard. I looked at the past 4 years graduating cohorts of PhDs and on average about 90% of PhD students have an EdM from Harvard (many have at least two Masters.....) All of this to say, I think getting rejected from Harvard (though it's not official yet) has really made me evaluate this whole process with new eyes. I find it quite disgusting that in order to really hedge your bets on gettting into Harvard, you first need to fork over 60k in tution for an accelerated Masters degree. I wonder how many students who complete EdM's there go on to be innundated with debt but have a "at least my degree says Harvard" sort of attitude about things and don't go on to pursue the PhD's...I attended the open house this fall and many potential students were already bitter towards the EdM to PhD pipeline as they felt it was apparent that the EdM program essentially funds the PhD students. I did say I'd like to be considered for the EdM (to my detriment possibly) though I have no intentions of attending if I'm accepted that route. The more I dwell on it the more frustrated I become simply because of the background I have and the research interstests I have....only Harvard (and possibly Penn, Princeton, Columbia) can get away with denying people the opportunity to have a fully funded PhD experience and counteroffer with the opportunity to have a lesser degree and tens of thousands of dollars in debt and people willingly take it. Getting denied has truly been a blessing as it's allowed me to see this school with new perspective. Harvard was not my top choice and now I am excited about the prospect of attending a school that from the outside seems far more open-minded about who they select and why they select them. For those that may think this is a post froma bitter rejectee, I hold a Bachelors from an elite institution and a Masters from an Ivy League (though for what it's worth Ivy League is just the name of the athletic conference....) so the allure of Harvard was never there for me in that respect. While titles and schools do mean something, at the end of the day, I would be perfectly content attending a state school/small liberal arts school if the funding was there and the fit was better. HGSE claims to be a a thought leader in education innovation and reform but at the end of the day they are still elitist pricks who sit levels above the lives they claim to try and impact....
  11. Congratulations on getting an invitation! Just curious as someone who is eagerly waiting still, how were you notified? Was it a form invitation that seems like it was sent out en mass or personalized to you from your POI? I'm just trying to get a feel for if I should give up hope and move on or keep waiting for a few more hours.
  12. Yeah I am waiting on Penn and Harvard today. I will officially give up hope on both around 7PM EST tonight. If I don't hear anything by then...I know it's over. I'm trying not to be upset, but this is hitting me hard....it just hurts that we have to wait at least 2 to 3 more weeks before they officially deny us...
  13. I haven't been able to find any information either. Their whole website/communications is poor. It's difficult to find info on their website about anything so I'm not even surprised no one has any clarity on when they send out decisions. Columbia was a top choice but their consistent just lack of information makes me feel like things wouldn't be better as an actual student.
  14. LOL. I thought that seeing that invites are being sent would make me calmer but now it's worse. I swore this would bring me peace. I'm applying into CIS. I am trying to stay positive but I think I convinced myself I'd get an interview because of my "connections" (whatever that means). I know several students currently in the program at various stages and have a professional connection with both a current CIS student and an admissions officer in the past (not like they have any pull). Harvard honestly isn't even my top choice though so I'm just gonna calm down.
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