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  1. Of course! I am considering doing the Post Doc, although the university that I am currently attending (University of Waterloo) is a very strong university in Statistics but the overall ranking (e.g. Times Ranking) is lower than many prestigious universities (~250). I am just curious, is the "Journal of Statistical Software" considered as one of the top journals in Statistics? Sorry if my question is silly, I guess I don't know a lot of about academia yet.
  2. Hello, Thank you for your insight! This is really helpful. I am only in 1st year of my PhD program, and I still have to take courses to fulfill my requirements so that slows down my research quite a bit, but I guess in the upcoming years I will have to try to publish in the top journals as many as I can. Thank you again,
  3. To describe more about my current research to provide more information to my previous post, my research through the course of my PhD is going to be improving the performance of a "transformer", a type of neural network (deep-learning) model that is used to predict concurrent words or phrases from a given (incomplete) sentence. My research work will involve some basic statistics such as analyzing and calculating rank correlations, constructing confidence intervals, and a p-test, but what I spend most of my time on is to code out my newly designed "transformer" on Python. When my papers do get p
  4. Hello, I would like to call myself as a Statistician; I have been in Statistics programs for 7 years now (4 year Stat undergrad + 2 year Stat Master + 1 year Stat PhD). I always thought that if I become a professor after my PhD, I would be hired in a Statistics Department. But lately I started to doubt the above statement. My PhD research field is Machine Learning, more specifically I am trying to improve predictive performance of the existing neural network model called "Transformer", which is commonly used in Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Data Science. I don't know how math-
  5. Hello, Just wanted to say thank you very much for your reply, as a PhD student wanting to be employed in academia, I really do appreciate it.
  6. Hello, I am a PhD student in Statistics and I am wondering how important the prestige of institution where I got my PhD is when applying for tenure track Professor positions. I am a student at the University of Waterloo in Canada, the overall ranking of this university is not that spectacular but for Statistics, it is one of the top 3 in the country. Will I later have trouble getting a job at prestigious institutions like, say, McGill University (ranked highly but not as strong in Statistics as Waterloo)? Or would my publication record matter much more ? thank y
  7. I applied for a PhD program in Statistics at University of Waterloo on Jan 28th, 2019. Received an informal offer on Feb 13th, 2019, and currently waiting for the formal admission letter.
  8. My department's application deadline was on Jan 20th, and I have been trying not to go onto the application portal to view my status but everyday I just can't refrain myself from doing it. I am hoping to receive the PhD fellowship that they offer for the incoming PhD students, and something makes me think that the award recipients will get their acceptance letter earlier on than the other applicants, so day after day I am getting more and more impatient.......
  9. Hello, I am a student who is just finishing up a Master’s degree in Statistics. I am planning to enroll in a PhD program in Statistics in this coming September. My goal right now is to secure a tenure track assistant professor position in statistics at some point after my PhD. Some of my Professors had told me that in my country (Canada), a good PhD graduates are hired as an assistant professor straight after their PhD. But what I am seeing on the internet is that people are typically doing one or more years of postdoc after their PhD in hope of landing a tenure track job. So I am wo
  10. Oh yeah and the courses in linear models from both my undergrad and my master’s
  11. I did my BSc at University of Alberta, which is one of the top 5 school in Canada. I have 2 semesters of Mathematical Statistics, 1 semester of Real analysis, 4 semesters of Calculus, 2 semesters of Linear Algebra, 1 course in sampling Techniques, 1 course in design and Analysis of Experiments, 1 course in Statistical Data Mining, 1 CS course, 1 course in industrial statistics and 2 Applied Statistical method sequence courses from my undergrad. i am finishing up my Master’s degree in Statistics at North Carolina State University, I have 2 semesters of Statistical Inference, 2semest
  12. Hello, Would I be considered as a strong candidate for a PhD in Statistics program at a prestigious institution? Below are my profile: Undergrad (Statistics) GPA: 4.00 / 4.00 Master's program (Statistics) GPA: 4.00/4.00 Work Experience: 1 year of full time work experience as a Statistical Research Assistant at a business department, 3 years of experience as a educational statistician at a local university. Letters of Reference: Strong letter of reference from my undergrad professor. Not 100% sure about the letter from the professor from my Master's program (but my
  13. That depends. Does your department run a rolling admission, or do they have a set deadline for grad school applications? If rolling admission, it is typical to hear from the university after 6 to 8 weeks of application submission; if there is a stetted deadline, the department will only start to review the application after their deadlines. Like the place I applied to (UBC, SFU) had their application deadline at Jan 15th of this year - this means that they only just started to go through the application pile, so I would need to wait a bit more. You should give us more information about yo
  14. Anyone applied to PhD in Stats program at UBC or SFU to start in Fall 2019? The application deadline has passed, so I am assuming that they are reviewing the applications at the moment.
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