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  1. USC waitlist closed, so I’ll be going to Duke in the Fall! Feels great to have finally made a decision!!
  2. Declined UW-Madison! Truly one of the hardest things I've had to do in a long time. Hopefully this helps someone out!!!
  3. For everyone who's declining offers...how are you declining offers? I'm way to anxious to call, but I'm nervous about how much detail to put into the email! The school I'm declining worked really hard to raise funding for me, and several POIs have kept up with me in the application process. I'm hoping to hear what others have done!
  4. For what it's worth, NYU's graduate school is unionized, and I think you're paid for teaching on top of the stipend (rather than having it be a component in the base package.) I'm not exactly sure how this works (heard from a friend). My friend also indicated that if you wanted you could take on more teaching appointments, and I think she made quite a bit of extra $ doing that in semesters that were less busy. Either way, you've got amazing choices. Good luck!
  5. I was waitlisted at FSU for Fiction! The least committal email in the world, lol. Anyone else hear?
  6. Lol FINALLY NYU! Rejected from PhD, accepted to Master's w/50% funding. No thanks!
  7. Boots are great--I wore slacks and a turtleneck + Docs to my last visit. I was about medium on the scale of well-dressed--we had people in jeans, and people in suits (well, one person). We also had a more formal dinner that we were asked to dress for--so the instructions actually indicated to wear bizcaj. A sweater dress and boots sounds fine. Definitely wear tights!
  8. Still haven't heard! Ugh! I know they accept people into their MA program and I can't remember whether I asked them to or not...NYU...let me go.....
  9. Anyone on here the Toronto acceptance? Congrats! It was my last school not to be an IR (looking at you NYU and FSU) and I’m ready to be done with this process! Ha
  10. Thanks for the congrats! Being waitlisted is such a mixed bag. Re: publication history, I've been published in two smaller journals, but nothing aside from that. I have no such thing even approaching a book deal (or a book...), lol. I am finishing up an MFA, however!
  11. Yes!!!!! I’m visiting Duke now and it feels like this is the first time I’ve gotten to be really excited about it. Better late than never, I guess!
  12. I'm in Fiction! What about you? USC and FSU are the only two Creative Writing PhDs I applied to, but I applied to Duke, Wisconsin-Madison, Princeton, NYU, UToronto for English, and Harvard for AAS. The waiting game has been truly torturous, but I suppose we're getting down to the end now!
  13. Bumping this thread! I've been waitlisted at USC, and radio silence from FSU. Hoping for good (and better @theotherbrontesister, congrats!) news for you both!
  14. Waitlisted for the USC Literature and Creative Writing program!!! This is my top choice but I've already been accepted from some great schools for the Lit PhD. Still, I'm freaking out!!!!
  15. Ahhh congratulations!!!!!! I’m waiting to hear from the CWR track so it’s nice to get to breathe another day ?
  16. Ummm is that USC acceptance anyone here? And did you apply to the Creative Writing/Literature PhD?
  17. I got a letter from DGS saying that they have t been able to extend any fellowship offers! They did say that they hope to have aid available once funding comes through.
  18. Major congrats!!!! I was just reading somewhere (this board?) that you were really hoping to stay in Texas, so I'm really happy this one came through!!
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