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  1. I did the one-school thing 2 years ago. When you consider the number of applications each of the good schools receives every year, that approach really doesn't make much sense.
  2. It seems more like a personal rejection after an interview. I'm there too. And yet it isn't quite a rejection. "Jacob have I loved. Esau . . ."
  3. You might not really have to move--you might be able to get all of your classes/responsibilities on 2-3 days per week. I completed an MA that way. My commute was only 1 hour, not 2, but I think 2 would have been doable. Get some books to listen to in the car so that your driving time isn't totally wasted (long drives can be relaxing if the traffic isn't terrible).
  4. Hi--40 here. I'm also a lawyer. Finished a masters in history last year. Accepted to 1 PhD program this year, on the waitlist at two others. No rejections yet. You're only too old if you're more worried about security than about doing what you really want to do with the rest of your life--which hopefully will be long and fruitful.
  5. I was told that I'm one of two people on the waitlist for my subfield in a history PhD program--apparently no particular order for the two of us on the waitlist for the spot. Dept head wrote to say that they probably won't know for sure until mid-April. Not holding my breath--but maybe #1 got offered a spot at Yale and go there instead (please do!).
  6. Great question! I interviewed yesterday for the program and I'm going to send out a very short email to each of the interviewers telling them that I enjoy getting to meet them (over Skype). This is 100% true, by the way. They seemed genuinely interested in my research and were pretty laid back in a professional sort of way.
  7. After POIs encouraged me to apply, I asked them to put me in touch with former/current grad students. In each case I was able to learn more about the program, the tone of the dept., the advisor's accessibility, funding, etc. Respect their time, but definitely reach out.
  8. Thanks Warelin. I have one interview coming up so just worried that might be the only place that liked my app.
  9. Some schools never seem to have anyone post that they received an interview request.
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