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  1. Me too... Don't understand why they sent out a bunch of emails on Sunday, but there is nothing today
  2. Thanks! Yeah, it is weird to release the decisions on Sunday. I applied for the American Politics subfield. Not sure whether the results for AP have been released as well... Fingers crossed!!!
  3. Congrats!!!! May I ask if the email came from the POIR program or the IR department?
  4. lol at least not for me. I am in the American Politics subfield. Good Luck!!!
  5. I got this email as well, but I won't think it is a rejection since no acceptance has been released yet. I guess we will know the answer on Monday or Tuesday
  6. I am also waiting for USC. Have contacted my POI, but she didn't know the exact date for decisions. Its website says the results will be released by mid-Feb. Hopefully tomorrow we will hear something. Good luck!!!
  7. Congrats to the Harvard admit!!! So many wonderful schools released their results, but I got nothing...lol... sad
  8. Such a competitive year... Maybe it is the same every year...
  9. FYI, my friend got wait listed by Harvard Government on Feb 1st... IR subfield...Good luck to myself and everyone who is waiting for Harvard
  10. Also waiting for Cornell... Probably next week according to last year's info. I can't wait anymore... so anxious
  11. Does anyone hear back from USC?
  12. First UCSD offer posted. Congrats!!! Anyone wanna claim?
  13. Got a phone call this morning when I was cooking... it says, "this is from the Department of So...(omg I was so excited...)...cial Security... ok...fine...
  14. Congratulations!!! (Checking my phone, email, website again and again lol...
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