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  1. Me too! I look forward to seeing you in the Summer!
  2. Mine still says in review as well but I did get a call earlier asking a question about one of my supplemental documents, so hopefully we hear something soon!
  3. Has anyone who applied advanced standing heard back?
  4. Hi! Does this mean that we you are no longer eligible to turn any documents in? I was under the impression that you submitted documents after acceptance! 😞
  5. Hi! I didn't apply to VCU, Mason or UNC but I do have friends that did. VCU is conducting most of their interviews (for advanced standing) currently. I also applied to USC and got accepted on 2/4!
  6. Thank you and congrats yourself! I'm not exactly sure. I also have a strong interest in the military social work track as well! Hopefully they can aid us with adequate funding.
  7. Thanks for clarifying! I also got an extension till March 1st but I am sure other programs will notify me by then.
  8. Hi congrats! I also just got my acceptance into USC. Was wondering if you could clarify the April 15th resolution? February 12th is so soon and I am nervous about the other schools I applied to.
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