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  1. Just got my rejection from NYU. Saw it coming a mile off, but it’s still disappointing. Good luck to everyone still waiting!
  2. It blows my mind how expensive MA degrees are in the US! My one year MA at QMUL in the UK was less than £5k!!
  3. Yep, both for a PhD! I thought up until yesterday that I was going to wipe out! Thanks @Karou, I really appreciate it!
  4. Got a funded offer from QMUL last night, and then an offer from the University of Oxford this afternoon! Still waiting to hear about funding for Oxford, but I’m absolutely thrilled - they are my first acceptances!
  5. Thank you and @Balleu for your advice! I’ve emailed them, so fingers crossed it’s hopeful news! I’d all but give up hope on doing grad school in the US so I really hope this works out! Also, congrats @historygeek! You must be so pleased! X
  6. Just been notified that I have been waitlisted for Georgetown! Considering my only other communications have been rejections, I don’t feel too bad about it. This is new to me - Is there anything I need to do? Eg. Should I write a response, or is it possible to request my ranking on the waitlist if I contact admission?
  7. Congrats everyone on your admits!! Unfortunately, I don’t think this cycle is panning out too well for me. I’ve been rejected from Johns Hopkins, didn’t get an interview for UPenn, and it’s still radio silence from Georgetown and NYU. I’ve still waiting from some universities in the UK, but I’m gutted that grad school in the US isn’t looking very likely now 😢
  8. Georgetown seems to be similar! Their deadline was way back at the start of December
  9. I was feeling slightly optimistic about NYU but this is making me panic ?
  10. I was wondering this too! It’s the uni that I’d love to go to, so I’m on edge waiting to hear anything!
  11. Someone tell me that I’m not the only one finding today agonising ?
  12. Probably a dumb question, but when you receive an offer from a uni, how do you know if funding is offered too? I know it differs, but do you normally find out at the same time?
  13. Yeah it’s so handy, I only applied for my MA after my BA graduation in July for that September! The turnaround is super quick. Fingers crossed for your US applications ??
  14. Georgetown is my long shot - i would love to go, but not sure I will get in! In the UK I applied to QMUL (I did my MA and BA there), Oxford on recommendation from a professor there, and then Kent as a backup. So I’ve applied to 7 in total, which now doesn’t feel like enough!! Did you apply to any in the UK?
  15. Hi everyone, I’m new to the thread! (It’s a relief to know I’m not in this endless waiting alone!!) I’m an applicant from the UK, and just recently finished my MA at a university in London. I specialise in late 18th century immigration and constitutional law. I’ve applied to Georgetown, NYU, Johns Hopkins, UPenn, alongside 3 unis in the UK. I just got a rejection through from JHU and it’s really worried me - you hear so many stories of people being overly ambitious and not getting in anywhere! My undergrad scores were okay, but I finished my MA with a distinction, my GRE scores were
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