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  1. going to skowhegan too!!! super excited ?
  2. hey yall, for anyone on the waitlists for any of the other schools I was accepted/waitlisted at in my signature, I've made my official decision to go to CMU. super excited, and I hope someone gets in off the waitlist to the school they want to go because of my declines!
  3. hey, im waitlisted at columbia new genres and i'm turning it down.
  4. my third notice came today -- accepted to carnegie mellon by phone, for anyone who is waiting.
  5. Waitlisted at rutgers by email notification. Guess I’m going to be waiting even longer to know where I’m headed ?
  6. i just got a letter notification from UC irvine that i've been put on the waitlist, for anyone who applied there.
  7. I interviewed there via skype and was considering it because the funding is so good. What did the students bring up?
  8. yes, ive been accepted to upenn.
  9. ucla interdisciplinary studio MFA anyone??? haven't heard anything...
  10. yessi

    Yale MFA 2019

    Not sure if all the different areas do interviews or not. My interview is via skype. Hope that helps
  11. yessi

    Yale MFA 2019

    I have an interview with Columbia for New Genres on 3/12. I'm kind of not into the program tho considering the financial aid sucks and their studios are crumbling lol
  12. yessi

    Columbia mfa

    Does anyone know anything about the situation with the grad students last year who demanded a tuition refund? Since it circulated in art world news last year, I haven't heard anything about Columbia's attempts to address the problem with their studios, facilities, and lack of faculty presence. I am really hesitant going into this interview because of this.
  13. yessi

    Yale MFA 2019

    Mine was honestly trash so maybe that is good news for you and others hahaha. The students were lovely tho, and however it goes they will be there to show you around and even do a therapy session if the presentation doesn't go as planned!
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