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  1. Carnegie Mellon, miips cohort size is 45, business
  2. I accepted my admit somewhere else and withdrew my app from Idm. I’m moving a long ways and wanted to get the logistics started ASAP. Housing is tight in some of these cities. Good luck every1
  3. can you borrow loans to make it work? i thought there wasnt a limit
  4. This is true. Through creative internal networking, I've gotten many interviews for the select research teams with a math degree from generic average ranked school. But I've never closed an offer. And it's always an uphill battle convincing them I'm worthy of their super special teams. A very frustrating 3 years. They definitely didn't recruit me, I had to hustle. Even with my hustle, I gave up after a few years of trying to join the elite internal teams. Now I'm admitted to the #1 school for comp sci so I guess I was made for bigger and better things than those jobs The outcomes data for schools is available through a google search.
  5. I can't wait to quit my job. I don't owe them anything but a 2 weeks standard notice. I've already told my boss and everyone who says hello to me. They'll be fine without me. No more micromanaging. No more questions about why a excel chart is green instead of red. No more meeting where people are talking over me about things I'm responsible for. The. End. Thank god. I'll be staying until September to stack easy cash while I'm there. I'll make about 16k between now and when I leave. easy boring money.
  6. Black Holes and Time Warps. I didn't know he was still writing! Modern Classical Physics. I'll put that on my reading list. Man, to be in that guy's class at Caltech. Or Feynman! I once interviewed an Actuary (that's my profession) who was a Putnam fellow and Caltech PhD. every time he would talk about math, his insights were so cutting and so genius I would leave the call in a state of utter shock because his perspective on things would disrupt how I thought about physics and math. I wish he had been my educator in high school. I've always been amazed by how people derive new systems of physics or how Hawkings was known to say 'just tell me that it's been done. I can derive it myself'. My education has been less derivation and more plug and chug which is a shame. I feel like the great innovators in math and physics can prove things from scratch. When I was in high school, I was hellbent on accelerating through college math/physics so I could take grad relativity my first year in college. I wanted to see the derivation of black holes. Taught by Dr. Wolfgang Rindler. To this day, I am still puzzled that the indication of black holes came from the no negatives under a square root rule. You have all this tensor math and then boom, algebra.
  7. Finally got a decline from Upenn IPD. Huge relief because the waiting/obsessing is super stressful lol!
  8. My friend got his masters from UTD stat. He described it as a lot of unnecessary theoretical proofs. But when it came time to search for jobs, he had a distinct advantage over just a bachelors. The masters is like the new bachelors when it comes to getting statistician/data science jobs.
  9. That's awesome. If I get into MIT for a business program, I'll see you there. Caltech is so cool. I remember emailing kip thorne years ago about his book and how it was my inspiration. I did a hackathon there in 2017 and met every one of my academic heroes in one day. The living ones. Why the sudden urge for planetary science? Does that ever cross paths with JPL?
  10. Your stats are insanely high. Woah. Have you picked a final program?
  11. business. Have an admit from another integrated product program from a dream school and the standard april 15th deadline. I would like to go to MIT to be able to take classes at the media lab while I'm there.
  12. If I were in your shoes, I would ask for help from your school's math lab. And from your teacher. And from TAs. And if that doesn't work, hire a personal tutor. If that doesn't work, withdraw from the class but keep your textbook. Work through it as if you were taking the class. then take the class again. A "W" is harmless on a transcript. If you get a C, you can also retake the class possibly for a higher grade. Did you know the average math bachelors GPA is 2.9?
  13. Do you mean like an actuary? I hear they’re good at statistics. to the op, no ones saying it’s going to be easy. Your job is to take the best swing possible at your dream schools and finding someone who specializes in grad admissions is a great way to leap far above your competition. Grad admissions is complex and nuanced and I would never recommend applying without an experienced guide to help them through every step. But for sure the internet does not equate to actionable advice.
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