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  1. I received an email that says "recommend conditional admission" as well. I had an interview with them on Mar 11. I already got into my top choice so will likely be declining my offer. Hope this helps someone!
  2. Thank you for the detailed explanation! I totally understand your situation because it's the same for me as well --- I'm an only child, too! Thank you for the advice!
  3. Hi, may I ask why you do not want to go to SJSU? I just got accepted yesterday and am trying to find out more information about this program. If you know something about the program, would you mind sharing? Thank you!!
  4. I haven't heard anything, either. Wondering if they are sending out letters by waves...
  5. Thank you!! I'm originally from Wisconsin so probably not eligible for the tuition waiver. But thanks for the information!! I didn't see a FB group so go ahead!
  6. I did my post-bac and another masters program at UW-Madison. The SLP program is a really great program with research-oriented faculties. The professors are very kind and helpful, so are the TAs! Also, UW-Madison has a beautiful campus with a lakeshore of your own! However, it's freezing in the winter...so if you are not a fan of snow...
  7. Congrats to you two!! I just got accepted to the CoreSLP program as well! Are you guys attending the preview day? I want to find out more about funding opportunities because I'm a non-residence so it's kinda expensive.
  8. Congrats!! I got an acceptance email just now as well!!! Are you planning on going to UW??
  9. Thank you!! Are they sending out emails by waves or what? I see somebody already got the acceptance email. Do they send out waitlist/rejections as well? So nervous at this point....
  10. Just want to ask again, has anyone heard from UOP yet? Under another thread, somebody said that the committee had met and made decisions already. Just wondering has anybody heard back from them or not.
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