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  1. DjSLP2B

    Chapman University

    Never mind! A group has already been created - Chapman University CSD Cohort 11 :)
  2. DjSLP2B

    Chapman University

    I did too tried looking for it and didn't find it! I just made one super quick. Haven't added anything to it... "Chapman CSD Cohort 11" - let me know if you can't find it.
  3. DjSLP2B

    Chapman committed students Facebook page

    I tried looking it up and didn’t find it
  4. DjSLP2B

    Chapman University

    I accepted too! I'm so excited!
  5. DjSLP2B

    Chapman University

    I thought I was rejected since I never heard anything but I was accepted yesterday... I guess I must have been on the waitlist. I never received an e-mail about it, did you? I accepted and sent my deposit today! So excited!
  6. DjSLP2B

    LaSalle University: Opinions

    Did you decide to go to La Salle? I just sent my deposit :) So excited!
  7. Does anyone have an update on CSUN? Anything? It's been too quiet which makes me very nervous. This is my top choice so I am super anxious to hear back. It's almost April 15! We got this! Soon we won't be wondering so much about what we'll be doing in the Fall. Good luck to everyone!
  8. According to the results page looks like some acceptances have been sent already. When I asked during the interview when results would be sent out they said this week since they’re off next week. Good luck to everyone waiting to hear back from CSULA. E-mails are supposed to be sent today. 🤞
  9. DjSLP2B

    LaSalle University: Opinions

    I’m also interested in knowing a bit more about the program. I got accepted to La Salle and Temple I’ve heard that Temple’s program is much better but being out of state makes it way too expensive so, I’ll likely go to La Salle.
  10. They didn’t. I just assumed since interviews were this past Saturday
  11. I was hoping to hear back this week! I’m also waiting to hear back from CSUF and CSULA. Nervous. Also hopeful to hear from Chapman. This is stressful! Already rejected from SDSU, Loma Linda and CSULB
  12. I wouldn't worry too much about it. I too have 9 of the 12. I've heard that they just make you take the classes once you start the program.
  13. You were right! I just received an acceptance e-mail from TU today. So excited! I’m still waiting to hear back from California schools. But happy to know that at least I’ve been accepted somewhere... how’s your process going?
  14. DjSLP2B

    SoCal Applicants!

    Does anyone know how long the programs actually are at CSUF and CSUN? I really can’t afford to be out of work for 3 years so I’m hoping to get in at CSULA since it follows a cohort system and everyone finishes in 2 years.
  15. I got an e-mail too! I’m very excited. I too had lost hope since invitations went out last week. I think some people might have declined attending it so it opened up spots. Wish everyone the best. The waiting game is soon coming to an end. Just two more weeks and most programs will have sent decisions.

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