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  1. Hi Everyone, I am dropping my spot at Dal SLP as I have been accepted to a different program and have decided to enrol in it instead. This means a spot should opening up for Dal SLP! (I was non-maritime)
  2. Just got my acceptance into Dal SLP (well, my recommendation to FGS) off the waitlist!!
  3. Just got my acceptance into Dal SLP (well, my recommendation to FGS) off the waitlist!!
  4. I e-mailed Dal SLP admissions for some more information on waitlist movement and they couldn’t tell me much but did tell me “We may be sending out additional offer letters soon (late May or early June), after we’ve heard back from our first round of offers” so there’s still some hope. Does anyone who was accepted know when the deadline to accept Dal SLP by was?
  5. Hi there! I scored 163 on verbal (93rd percentile), 149 on quant (34th percentile) and 5/6 for written (92nd percentile) so I’ll speak only to verbal and written LOL. Honestly those flash cards were super important in helping me score well in my verbal section, I got the app on my phone and studied them in any given free moment and then just practice questions to get used to the format. I never actually did a proper full practice exam or a practice written section, I just reviewed the examples of what a high score in the GRE practice book were considered and did a few practice timed verbal se
  6. Congrats!! Would you mind privately messaging me your stats, I plan on re-applying to U of A next year if I don't get into Dal.
  7. Congratulations! Were you non-maritime? Also would you mind privately messaging me your stats?
  8. One of whom was an OOP accepted applicant to Dal SLP so there should be one spot opening up there once she declines them
  9. If you go to the waiting it out thread on page 19 then you’ll see at least 4 people have! (2 of whom I know personally)
  10. I had a friend who was accepted off the waitlist as late as June 5th last year (she declined because she got into U of A) and another friend of mine was accepted off the waitlist two days before classes started two years ago (obviously not ideal and she had already chosen a school abroad by then) so try not to lose hope! But I totally feel your pain especially since their waitlist is so mysterious in terms of size and where one is on it.
  11. Hi, I had the same issue and so I e-mailed their office asking about this inconsistency and they responded assuring me I was not missing any items and even if I were, they would notify me by e-mail should I be accepted off the waitlist. I just replied to the initial e-mail informing me I was waitlisted!
  12. Hey there, I am also waitlisted to Dal. Does your application summary, say "Incomplete items outstanding" next to application status? I'm unsure why because lower down everything else appears to be received.
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