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  1. Hello no. I have not yet been accepted off the waitlist. I’m hopeful but I called to find out my ranking and was told they can’t give me that information. Sounds sketchy...but I’m rolling with it until I know wass final! How about you?
  2. Hello, I am a MSW candidate for two schools for MSW programs starting Fall 2019. Applied to: SFSU(San Francisco State) & (California State University, East Bay). I have been waitlisted at SFSU as of last week! I heard about the news via email, which was quite exciting because SFSU MSW program is quite competitive. They only have 30 availabile slots versus other schools who admitted 70-110 applicants. I have not heard from CSUEB MSW program. However I know I will receive notification from them via mail, just not sure when. Good luck everyone! All money In! The Marathon definitely is continuing.
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