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  1. Even though it was a really tough decision I will be declining University of Pacific (15month), rescinding my decision to California Baptist University, and accepting Loma Linda University. Good luck everybody
  2. I got a call Monday about being accepted! However, I never got any indication from them about being on the waitlist? No mail or email. I was certain I got rejected since there was no follow up until that point.
  3. This is true! I just received a call a couple of days ago from CBU that I was accepted. I’m a SLPA right now, since the license came with my bachelors! All the schools I applied to in California I only got rejected to one. I know most schools in Cali especially (including my undergrad LLU) prefer the SLPA experience. Which I have only been working for a SLPA since November. California is extremely competitive when it comes to SLP masters and all the schools you listed are public schools so even more competitive on top of that. You have to look at what can give you a leg up and becoming a SLPA gets you connections to SLPs or any other professionals in the field as well as all the experience of doing therapy, note taking, and etc. I would also recommend private schools since their application pool is smaller and they’re prone to doing interviews, which gives you a better chance of being looked at in other aspects rather than just on paper.
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