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    Global health & development, especially civil society coalition-building and its relationship to social policies in sub-Saharan Africa.
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    2021 Fall
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    MA/MPhil Dev studies/African studies

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  1. Has anyone heard anything for international Gates regarding social sciences?
  2. Not specifically related to Gates, but has anyone been accepted to Gonville & Caius? Got my acceptance friday (first choice, took about a month after my first offer came) and curious to see if others might be heading there!
  3. I am no expert as I am also in the process of applying to postgrad courses related to politics/democratization/social movement but I studied for undergrad in the US and looking to Oxbridge for Masters so I feel like I can give some perspective. In general, I agree with the poster above: getting a high GRE score is important, especially because if you are below a certain score/cut off, your application might not even be fully looked at. In terms of doing a masters beforehand, if you could get into Oxford or Cambridge it might help with getting further research experience/publications
  4. Congrats on submitting the app: I feel like PhD apps are a lot more laborious than MPhils! I got my offer after about 6 weeks? It might vary from department to department though. The Centre of Development studies says it tries to make a decision or let you know that they deferred your app until after the final deadline within 8 weeks. I know other departments just look at applications after their final deadline has closed Good luck! I hope you get in and get funding!
  5. I am also an international applicant (we're neighbours, I'm from northern Italy)! Got my offer for the MPhil in Development Studies last week Good luck with everything!
  6. Hi I have an offer for the MPhil in Development Studies at Cambridge (UK), but still waiting to hear about financial aid! Also applied to African Studies at Cambridge and Oxford, and will probably apply for health and development at LSE.
  7. Hi I am not an expert but as someone who successfully went through the process at a different school (Cambridge) I can tell you that it is a rather complicated one, at least at Cam, and maybe it is the same at King's. At Cam, applications have to be approved first by your departement, then by the degree committee and then be confirmed by the Graduate Admission Office so basically, it has to jump through three hoops before you get a response, which might be a reason why it's taking longer. Also, 4 weeks is not much... many people wait 8-10 so it's still pretty early! If they take a
  8. Hi! I recently got admitted to the Mphil in African Studies at Cam which is also a 9-month program and is affiliated with POLIS. A lot of masters are 9 months/1 year in Europe and are usually pretty academic aka for people hoping to pursue a PhD. I did my undergrad in the US but I am from Europe and the way it works at home is that you cannot get into a PhD straight from undergrad so you apply for a MA/Mphil and then to a 3 year PhD afterwards. Cambridge is an incredible school and is very competitive, especially if you are trying to get any sort of funding, just because along with
  9. Hi y'all I am a senior in college currently trying to decide where to apply for Masters in IR (development focus) and one of my professors recommended Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey. I have not heard much about it and I think part of the reason is because I go to school in the south east and Middlebury is on the West Coast. Does anyone have any insights about general reputation of the school/program, jobs opportunities after graduation etc. I'd like to work for an INGO or a think thank after graduation. I have experience in research and development w
  10. Hi everyone! I'm a rising senior and I am hoping to pursue a PhD in Political Science Fall 2020. I'm having a hard time trying to figure out where to apply so I was hoping some people here had wisdom to share! I'm interested in development as well as democracy/citizenship with a focus on Sub-Saharan Africa. How much are letters and experience worth over say, the GRE? Does anyone have any schools in mind? College: Top 50 liberal arts college GPA: 3.95 Class rank: top 4% (hoping for Phi Beta Kappa) Major GPA (Political Science): 4.03 // Minor in history and
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