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  1. Hey guys, I've been blessed with a few great offers so far (USC, UCSD, CMU-Pitt) in Biomedical Informatics for this coming fall. I'm still awaiting one more university, but (unfortunately -- Pitt is a great school) my choice (if Stanford doesn't pan out) will either be USC or UCSD. That being said, a sore point for me is UCSD's stipend which is around $33,000 for PhD students. I also was told when I went to campus that on-campus housing/subsidized housing is scarce, and $33,000 is not a great living stipend in an area as expensive as La Jolla. UCSD other than that is my top choice, mostly given my research area (genetics of autism). USC is my alma mater, and they just got back to me today offering me $36,000 a year, but with an award topping it off to $41,000 the first two years. I also believe there's fairly guaranteed funding all four years or more through TA/RA. If it wasn't a matter of finances, I feel despite the generous offer that UCSD may be more aligned with my career direction interest (USC is a very computationally-focused program, vs UCSD which is closer to 50/50 bio/CS depending on your interests). On that note, I have two potential PIs at UCSD, one who has expressed his strong interest in me joining his lab. His research area seems to align really closely to mine (genetics of childhood neuropsychiatric disorders). Given those factors, would it be disrespectful or even possible to ask for a higher stipend to compare to another offer? I come from the industry world of CS where this is not only common but actively encouraged. That being said, this is really my first foray into academia so I'm not sure that's a possibility here.
  2. Anyone know when we can expect to hear the decision post interview? Trying to figure out how long I should wait before engaging other offers/talking to profs there.
  3. In case anyone is waiting, I just received my formal acceptance to CMU-Pitt. Still haven't heard zip from UCLA, and waiting on the final Stanford BMI decision after this weekend.
  4. To clarify I wasn't MCB, I was QCB. Not sure if that makes a difference.
  5. No that isn't normal. From the onsite interview, they said they only had one interview day (last Friday) and will have Skype interviews following. I suggest you call or email them again.
  6. Just got an offer from USC. Still waiting on CMU-Pitt, never got a response from UCLA (lol) and Stanford's next week so we'll see how that turns out.
  7. Thanks. I'm waiting on Stanford BMI next week, but if that doesn't pan out, UCSD is probably where I'm going to go. Really clicked with several PIs on autism related research.
  8. Just got formally accepted to UCSD post interview. Lovely school! Definitely one of my top choices.
  9. Do you know about the MS? Not really thinking of going at this point but curious anyway
  10. thelilypad

    Interview advice

    I'm not international, I'm a US citizen. Do you know if the # are any better?
  11. Gotcha, so thanks to @uncertainty I figured out that I actually got an interview invite to the UPitt side of the program. CMU doesn't do interviews while Pitt does, hence the difference (just in case anyone following this was wondering!).
  12. Just followed up with you via PM, maybe we can figure this out? 😂
  13. Ha at least they replied, I think UCLA straight up ghosted me 😂I asked last week and never got a response at all.
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