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  1. Out of field applicant! Still in the middle of my post-bacc and was really stressed about acceptances this year. Got accepted into 2 schools so far! So extremely thankful!!!
  2. Just wondering what people have heard about CBU's program. Any insight is helpful! thank you!!
  3. How was the essay portion of the interview?
  4. I got accepted and wanted to know if anyone knows any insight on their program. Pros? Cons? Anything is helpful!! Thank you!
  5. Hey! I was wondering how the interview process was like? Thank you!
  6. Mine is on the 14th! But, I heard they are based around faith! Gluck and let me know how it goes!
  7. Anyone else get notified of an interview via email? I was wondering when we have to confirm that we are attending by? and any interview tips would be great! Thanks!
  8. Hi! I was wondering if anyone has done programs through organizations like therapyabroad.org. I am thinking about doing a program but not really sure how impactful it is for the application process. Any thoughts or experiences appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Thank you so much and congrats on SJSU! How is your experience at SJSU so far? And how was your interview process? I am currently doing a post bacc program to get my pre reqs done but I am worried not having all of them done will affect my chances of getting in. I will have them finished before grad school starts tho.
  10. What would you do differently? Sorry for all of the questions! I am applying this year and am quite anxious haha. Yes! I saw that as a requirement. Most schools require to have them done before you start grad school. Heard the test is fairly easy tho
  11. Congrats on ASU! How many schools did you apply to?
  12. Hi! Which schools did you apply to and what were your stats? Acceptance or rejection? (looking for mostly california programs) thanks!
  13. Hi everyone! I just have a few questions.. But to give some quick background, I am applying for the Fall of 2020. I graduated as a liberal arts major and so I am now doing the sdsu essentials program online to get my pre-reqs done. By the time of application, I will have 4 done. The rest will be finished before the program starts. 1. My first question is has anyone taken their pre-reqs through sdsu essentials? Did you have a hard time transferring classes over for the grad program you applied to? Or was it okay? 2. I will only have 4 classes done when my applications are due...will
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