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  1. Hello! I am currently a first year grad student in the Redlands program, feel free to message me with any questions!
  2. This one was made for University of Redlands! "University of Redlands CDIS Grad class of 2022" https://www.facebook.com/groups/325591535081954/
  3. I will be declining Southern Connecticut State, NC Central, Biola, and Salus, good luck everyone!
  4. Hi, I was recently accepted here and was wondering if anyone had more information on the program? They seemed to be a bit unorganized about sending acceptances out (but that may be because of the pandemic). I'm looking into going here because it seems a cheaper option, but would like to know more. Thank you!
  5. I was recently accepted to SCSU and was wondering if anyone has information about the program (previous students or other), also information about the New Haven area and housing. Thank you!
  6. I'm also waiting on NCCU, any idea when we'll be hearing from them?
  7. Just got the email today that I was waitlisted, bummed but at least we know now!
  8. Congrats, I was accepted on 3/3 as well, let me know if you plan on attending! I'll be going to the admitted students day next week!
  9. Can anyone who's attended talk about living situations? I would def need a roommate if I went there and would like to know how to get into contact with other students in the cohort!
  10. I interviewed on 2/15th but wasn't offered this option, I haven't been waitlisted or rejected, but that seems weird that they offered that to you and then rejected you🤨
  11. I interview on the 15th in person and haven't heard anything yet, acceptance or rejection, maybe they will send out their waitlist soon
  12. Leaning towards UoR or Salus, but I'm still waiting on other acceptances!
  13. I applied to 10 schools and have gotten accepted into 3 so far! Biola, University of Redlands, and Salus University!
  14. I got an email yesterday around 3 pm PST with an attached letter saying I was accepted!
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