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  1. seconding alot on this thread. I scored floor level math.. and thats sometimes typical of people in slp programs.. "speech path math" so its called. I think studying strategies and process of elimination are the way to go. This test does not measure how well you can actually do math. it measures your analytical skills. I still basically bombed it .. however my verbal was higher and so was writing. Call the school and ask if they have a GRE cutoff.
  2. @futurespeechpath1 That's a great amount of schools to choose from! Excited to hear the results!
  3. @datu72 Thank you for the good wishes! I'm excited for you!
  4. @alyssafrancis This is a good thing. They cannot review until everything is in... and they would not waste time unless they knew you should be looked at! (I've worked for admissions @ a university)
  5. @slpwholovescoffee Never give up! You've got this!
  6. @slpwholovescoffee You're so sweet!!! Thank you!!!! Have you heard back from a school yet?
  7. @KEIM I know of some Baylor students w high GPA who also couldn't get in... its all about preference. CSULA has alot of pre-reqs so I did not get in... message the director of the program. She's kind, helpful and very prompt w email responses. Also-- THANK YOU!!! It means a ton!!
  8. @KEIM I've spoken w Baylor online students who are happy and I have a close contact w someone in Emerson's program (which records your interview through a zoom call). At the end of the day it depends on your interests.. they need to align w the school's. Don't worry about the numbers. Go with what you want and apply. CSUN's faculty is amazing however it is a three year program and I wanted a 2 yr.
  9. @keim I would have applied to Eastern New Mexico & it's online. Call the school and ask if there's a direct cut off! CBU in Cali has no direct cut off or requirement. I've attended their info sessions. They're holistic. BUT still competitive and expensive but they have a ton of resources. The faculty really want you to succeed there and they don't require you to be of a specific religion. I was very set on going there until I got accepted for spring 2020.
  10. @KEIM a well thought out personal statement made a huge difference
  11. @keim I can relate to the GRE concerns. Writing was my only strength can you share any numbers? or is there any experience or professors who would recommend you as a stellar academic?
  12. I had a 3.0 almost 3.1.. ish undergrad gpa and made it into a program. But, my major GPA was 3.7ish & my CSD gpa was 3.97 and I worked 5 yrs in the schools. Depends on the applicant's experiences in speech too! @KEIM Hm... I used to have a list like that until I had to pay so much.. keeping track of all your transcripts, recommendations apps in itself felt like a full-time job. Please reconsider reducing to schools you REALLY want to attend. And don't knock yourself from Cali schools. It is possible.
  13. @speechie264 HI!! How exciting! please point her in the direction of this post! I was hoping to connect w some ppl who will be in the group!
  14. Hi there, Looking for others who were accepted to Fresno State for S2020! + those who will or won't be accepting their acceptance/waitlisted! I'll be attending and I haven't heard from anyone else about this ^^^. I'd be moving to Fresno but I'm from LA!
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