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  1. Anyone hear anything else from Wayne State? They've typically notified all applicants of their status by this time (accepted, rejected, or waitlisted). Their visit weekend was Feb. 15 last year and I'd assume it wouldn't be too different this year. I'm just anxious to hear anything from anyone at this point.
  2. The $200 deposit required within 14 days of admission is interesting...Maybe that's normal of rolling admissions?
  3. Did Wayne State say anything about their timeline? They've made contact about acceptances/waitlisted/rejections around this time in years past.
  4. Clemson sent an email today saying POIs should be reaching out in 4-6 weeks.
  5. Just got invited to interview at the University of Houston on Feb. 7-8!
  6. I did a year in a School Psych doc program a few years ago and when I interviewed, questions were mostly focused on career goals, practical experience in education (I had been a teacher, so they may have targeted those questions given my experience), and what I would look for out of a dissertation committee. Honestly, the bulk of the questions were casual (e.g. "What are you reading right now?") and I got ~6 min with each professor. I will say that when I helped with interview weekend for the next cohort, though, questions were more intense. They had a large focus on social justice, so they decided to crack down on those questions and included questions like, "How would you describe your racial identity?" and "How do you confront racism?".
  7. I'm still waiting to hear back from any school. But I see that you got an interview at Charlotte. When did you hear back from them?
  8. Well, I officially hit the submit button on my applications this morning! My stomach is in knots already and the waiting has only begun. I applied to six schools: BGSU, Wayne State, UNC Charlotte, Clemson, Rice, and Houston. I'll have my master's in I-O by the time fall 2020 rolls around, so I tried to select schools that are open to accepting a great deal of credit. Best of luck to all!
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