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  1. Honestly, if you're looking into school psych, research experience is good, but your ABA experience will be highly valued. School psych (even at a PhD level) is highly applied. Many go after a PhD just to work in settings other than schools, as opposed to staying in academia (and the program I was in had us get ABA certification along the way, so you'd already be ahead). Just emphasize your experience with behavioral interventions and associated assessments, and express your interest in academic interventions. If you're really concerned, I'd reach out to professors at schools you're interested in and ask if you can help in one of their labs. When I was in school psych, we had quite a few students email our professor asking to help and she let them attend lab meetings and work on papers, but they weren't funded. Most professors are more than willing to have an extra hand as long as you aren't expecting funding.
  2. I'll also be at UH, but PhD in I/O Psych.
  3. I would say UIUC is a better known program in the industry, but I would not underestimate the power of location when comparing UIUC to Chicago. If you want to work after your masters, then I'd focus more on which area offers the best opportunity for internship and applied experiences. I'd imagine that Chicago would provide more variety in that area. If you wanted to go PhD after your masters, then I'd recommend focusing on which school has more of a reputation in I/O and in that case, I'd go UIUC.
  4. There was but I expressed interest in multiple professors.
  5. I don't know yet. The acceptance letter didn't say and I haven't received any further information.
  6. I got an email saying my admissions decision was ready for viewing on the portal. On the portal, a new "View Decision Letter" button popped up.
  7. Welp, Houston sensed my anxiety and sent the letters. Hope to see one of you there in the fall
  8. Nothing here either. I'm reallyyyy wanting to ask for an update but am reminding myself that patience is a virtue. I know they said it can take up to three weeks to get approval and they only sent the names two weeks ago at the earliest.
  9. To the person on the results page accepted to Houston - did you get an email directing you to the portal or did you just happen to check?
  10. Wonder if that means they finally got department approval for funding 😬
  11. Anyone have any leads on Houston? I know they said it's up to the department and could take a few weeks, but that doesn't help my anxiety!
  12. Well someone posted on the results page that they were waitlisted on Friday. I'd assume that means they've notified accepted/interviewing candidates, but maybe not.
  13. Anyone hear anything else from Wayne State? They've typically notified all applicants of their status by this time (accepted, rejected, or waitlisted). Their visit weekend was Feb. 15 last year and I'd assume it wouldn't be too different this year. I'm just anxious to hear anything from anyone at this point.
  14. The $200 deposit required within 14 days of admission is interesting...Maybe that's normal of rolling admissions?
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