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  1. Thank you, yes, I am very happy where I landed. Especially now when it's 70 degrees here in January compared to up north!
  2. Congratulations! I applied to that program last year and didn't get anything except rejected You should be hyped. I hope you get an offer soon!
  3. I can't speak for UBC in particular, but usually the candidates invited to the recruitment weekends are the top choices for an open place at the Uni. They may pick one or two applicants to come out, generally they would be ok with either candidate accepting the spot, but also knowing that many applicants get multiple offers and may not choose their lab. So, in short, while being invited doesn't guarantee you a spot, it does mean that you are at the top of their list, and as long as you don't completely blow the weekend by being rude, inattentive or otherwise show yourself to be incompatible w
  4. Go for it. If the lab you are in now isn't giving you the opportunities you need, apply to the other one. It sounds like a much better option for gathering actual experiences you can put on your CV and talk about in interviews. No one will fault you for leaving as long as you aren't burning the project down you are currently working on
  5. Best bet is to call the Graduate Director at the second school, and let them know there is a schedule conflict that you missed during your initial call. They understand full well that many candidates have multiple offers on the table for interviews, and most programs are willing to be flexible and reschedule. If they're not, that tells you something about the program and you can think about if you really want to be part of that environment. Congrats on the interviews!
  6. Yes and no. Most schools seem to divide candidates into groups - those they reject outright, those they want to interview for sure, and the second choices. First choice students get interviews first, maybe even offers first - then as spots become available, second choice students get calls for interviews (or just offers of places, in some programs). By the end of January, many/most programs will have likely interviewed or set up interviews with their top candidates, but that doesn't mean it won't still happen for others. I've seen applicants get calls as late as April. The downside of all
  7. Good to know! It's nice to see Missouri catching up to the rest of the civilized world!
  8. Missouri allows Masters in Clinical Psych to take the E-PPP and open or join a practice, just FYI I think both U of MO Columbia and St Louis offer a Masters that leads to licensure, or at least they did in the last couple of years. What can I say. Missouri is weird, that's why I looked for programs anywhere but there...
  9. I would second, this is both very broad, and not mutually exclusive. "Social Justice issues" are at the core of many counseling and clinical programs, especially if you want to talk about addiction, trauma, and other socially-developed dysfunctions. For example, POC tech workers have a different experience than their white counterparts; you can't address the work stressors without addressing the cultural and social influences in which they function. Something to think about as you work through papers and such... I understand the desire for a PhD program - I am also a 2nd career person.
  10. Sorry gang, it doesn't get better after you get accepted either.... I felt the same way last year before I got my admission offer. Then I felt like I was awesome and amazing and qualified. Then I met my cohort and immediately felt like a total failure next to some of them. It comes and goes, my mentor tells me to just expect it for years to come. So much of this process is subjective, and dependent upon personality match and presentation. You could be the most perfect applicant on paper to ever exist, but if their is no cohesion in communication style, interests and personality, it
  11. Yes, I would say to definitely expect virtual interviews between now and February, and then selected students may be invited to attend an in person event (hopefully!). However, be prepared to pay your own way up front, and then wait for possible partial reimbursement (my interview was in February and it was the end of April before I got my check)
  12. Take a deep breath all. With only a few exceptions, programs won't make decisions about offering interviews until January. You will see some people who get contacted before that, for programs that make earlier decisions, but really, try to enjoy your holiday season and winter break. You will need that energy for January and February when stuff gets real
  13. You might find some smaller Masters programs at state schools that offer a rolling admission, or at least a winter/spring cut off date (for example, U of North Florida cuts off their Masters in April, I think). But PhDs pretty much can't be rolling, because departments have to know exactly how much money they are spending for each year well in advance.
  14. I would say be prepared mentally for an informal interview in the same way you would a formal one. Have a practiced 30 second bit about yourself, and a couple fleshed out ideas of not just what you want to research, AND how that blends well with the existing focus of the lab you are applying to. My now-PI did ask if I had a general idea what my diss might look like, in the context of my long term goals, so be prepared with some kind of answer for that. More importantly, have good questions ready for them! Ask what their expectations are for first-year students, what possible projects are on th
  15. Oh yeah! Academic Twitter is an amazing source for finding relevant research as well as networking. I have been able to connect with people across the globe who are pursuing the same types research as I am, which then opens all kinds of potential future doors. And at the very least, gives a sneak peek to what is up and coming in the field. It's especially useful for those who might be considering alt-ac jobs in the future; you get a chance to meet and interact with others who have have taken their PhD outside the ivory tower.
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