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  1. Thanks so much and wow that's amazing that you were able to negotiate $12k more!
  2. Random q, but does Fletcher not give need-based aid? I have my merit offer and have submitted FAFSA but the language on the website makes it seem like just PhDs get grant awards?? I'm going to email them but figured I'd ask here too since y'all are such an excellent resource!
  3. Damn, so do you think the efficacy/utility of a Fletcher degree is really that diminished in this current economic downswing to the point where it would be unwise to attend? Curious to hear others' thoughts on this as well. I've thought about deferring grad school for a year due to this crisis but I don't know what to do...
  4. No funding for me so I’m likely going to have to turn down 😔
  5. Update: it has been cancelled and they are looking into virtual alternatives 😔
  6. Anyone planning on going to admit day? I just emailed them to make sure it was still happening since I know the entire university is taking a social distancing approach and has shifted to online classes, undergrads have to move out of the dorms, etc. I’ll post again once I get their response. Hope it’s still gonna happen!
  7. I applied regular too -- Fletcher is my top choice (I was a Tufts undergrad and have such a soft spot for the amazing community of people at Tufts <3). Good luck everyone!! Hopefully not too much longer of a wait.
  8. *starts panicking and vigorously checking email* I applied to Elliott also but for the MA in global communications with the SMPA. No such email for me, but I guess all I can do is wait and hope decisions come out soon. Congrats to those already admitted! Solidarity to the rest of us.
  9. So I just got an email with the subject line “an update from the fletcher school” from Dan Birdsall at admissions. It was personalized (addressed to me by name with things he enjoyed reading about in my application). Did anyone else get this/know if there’s a history of these being sent out and what it could mean? Probably just a courtesy thing to applicants while we wait, but I’m curious! Thanks!
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