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  1. As a faculty member, this week has been overwhelming and chaotic for us all. Given how scared and uncertain students (and faculty) have felt this week, having recently learned of the existence of GradCafe it occurred to me that hearing from a faculty member might be helpful to some of you and so I planned to start a post expressing my support. However, upon seeing this thread, I wanted to address the initial poster's concern first and then share my thoughts (albeit - I am just one perspective). My university, like so many, has moved to online-only instruction until mid-April, at minimum.
  2. Hi there, As faculty in a pre-doctoral prep Clinical Psych MA program here are my recommendations re: research experiences in a Master's program if the goal is to go on for a PhD. You'd be best served (for clinical or counseling doctoral programs) by attending a Master's program that requires a master's thesis or at least emphases research training. There are Clinical MA programs that are designed to help students get the experiences and training necessary to obtain admission to clinical and counseling Ph.D. programs. There are also excellent experimental M.A. programs with good track rec
  3. The University of Dayton Department of Psychology is always appreciative when students share concerns about their experience in our graduate programs and we take all student concerns very seriously. As a faculty member in the department it would not be appropriate to comment on the post above about a student’s experience in our program out of respect for the privacy of our all our students. That said, to provide prospective students with an opportunity to seek out additional (even many) student viewpoints on their experience in our program, we will be updating our websites ASAP with the n
  4. Just passing along that the Clinical Psychology M.A. program at the University of Dayton is still accepting applications for the Fall 2020 cohort. The primary aim of this small (~4-6), selective M.A. program is to facilitate future admission into clinical psychology doctoral programs; therefore students with the goal of becoming a mental health practitioner at the master's level would not be a good fit. More information, including DCT contact information, can be found on the Clinical Psychology program website. Interested students are encouraged to submit applications ASAP, and no later than M
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