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  1. It was also a no for me for this waitlist and I got email notification this Monday. I wondered how many JHU waitlisted actually got in. A person who previously went there told me the DrPH of that year were nearly all waitlisted candidate so I thought we would stand a pretty good chance this year. Anyway, the long wait is finally over. Thank you all so much for the helpful information and my big congratulations to EVERYONE who got in their desired programs! I think the COVID-19 just iterated how important public health is. Let's all keep the good work up! :))))
  2. Hi there! I also only applied to JHU DrPH. Can I check if the portal for reviewing status is "[name].goapp.ly/jhsph/landing"? There is only one section named "checklist for application" which requires password for login, the rest are pretty generic. I'm asking because I was asked by JHU to fill in potential supervisors name in early December, and I've been told results will be out in early March, but I was not told which portal to check for results so basically I assumed this is the one.
  3. @rubytue - best of luck! Hope you nail the interview! Anyone else heard back from JHU DrPH? I haven't received any notice yet. The latest correspondence was confirmation of application under review. I felt PhD programs conduct interviews much more than DrPH in JHU, is this the case?
  4. You're welcome. It would be useful to know which part of TOEFL you wanted to improve the most, listening/reading/speaking/writing? Often I'd suggest pick one or two for targeted improvement. It's a test, so the objective is to pass it quickly with a decent score. I recommend two videos, one analyses new TOEFL changes since August 2019, it'll save you a few hours of reading the official guide. The other is on Speaking section. I found it super helpful because speaking into a machine ALONE while sitting among 30 plus other people is extremely awkward to me . I had a 28/30 this time. “The New TOEFL Changes (2019), Everything You Need to Know in 20 Minutes“: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fD-oAVSth6U "TOEFL speaking is Weird": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPMW8fUoPRE Regarding listening and reading comprehension: 1. Enhance vocabulary - I took GRE before TOEFL, so it's no big deal once survived GRE. 2. PRACTICE - use TOEFL tests in the past, and reflect each time where you got wrong. There should be plenty of official releases available. I did one moot test every night in the week before my TOEFL, and I witnessed the scores rising from 25 to 30. My final scores are 30 for both sections. Regarding writing - I'm afraid not so many tips here, as I got 27 while previously I got 30 easily. To be frank I did not know where went wrong. One tip is to write it structured, and with as many words as you can type. Limit grammatical mistakes. Leave 5 minutes or so for you to check overall before submission. I hope above tips may help you and other non-native English applicants. Good luck!
  5. Hi Aman_Ratta, Being a non-native speaker as well, I think providing TOEFL score that passes the minimum requirement is the safest option, because many applications were pre-sifted by hard standards like this, especially for competitive programs that receive tons of applications a year. If you still have time to take a second test, I would highly suggest take it to meet 100. ETS revised the TOEFL since August 2019 and I do have a few tips to share if you need (I crammed the new rules 2 days before the test and got a 115). Just let me know. Good luck!
  6. Best of luck to you!!! Hope you get that interview soon I also submitted through SOPHAS, and it's verified that all materials are complete. Now waiting anxiously. JHU says they will notify all applicants in early March, I'm not sure if there is gonna be an interview taken place before that. Anyway, waiting is the only thing to do. Christmas is coming soon! I wish everyone in this thread a happy holiday & get admitted to the dream program
  7. Hi DSB, I joined a JHU DrPH webinar earlier this year and they talked about GRE scores, they say officially no clear cutoffs but "most of the successful candidates have a Verbal>> 60% and a Q>50%", so, given your scores above, should be worthy a try Good luck! I also dug around Harvard DrPH score requirements but didn't find, and I eventually dropped applying for not able to do full time. But I wish you best of luck with these competitive schools!
  8. Hi Ashdacat, I solved it, and it's truly helpful, thank you so much!!! I was not aware there was a live chat in SOPHAS , so I tried the live chat and they quickly asked for my birth date, and test date, and boom - report found and attached to my CAS ID. I also quickly verified the score is me (just to avoid name duplications). All done in less than 3 minutes, now I have complete tests scores attached. Thank you! I'm very happy it's solved (although I presumed the score was lost so I just ordered an additional score delivery for $20, man, DrPH burns money...)
  9. Hi everyone and especially international applicants, can I ask how long does it take for TOEFL score to be sent to SOPHAS, starting from the date of the test? I took the test in August and have put SOPHAS code as the recipient, with confidence that I put the code correctly... (checked it many times). But till today there is still no update from SOPHAS on TOEFL score, and despite that I have written to SOPHAS two times, there was no reply at all. Anyone has similar issues? Or with successful experience that can share with me? Many thanks and all the best, Liz
  10. Thanks Ash - wish you best of luck as well! The deadline on SOPHAS is Dec.1 for both programs, but I plan to submit in around mid-November just to be safe.
  11. Hello everyone! Thanks for opening this topic. I'm also applying for 2020 fall DrPH. Just completed GRE and TOEFL as English is my second language. My list is simple: 1. Johns Hopkins 2. Harvard To me, JHU would be ideal as it allows part-time so I don't have to relocate (currently working in Asia and love my job). Harvard provides wide scope of exchange and networking opportunities, so it's attractive as well. I started early in March, and now working on the final documents: Personal statement for each school, and update resumé. Looking forward to discussions with you guys and good luck to all of us!
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