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    gigislp got a reaction from BriP157 in Audiology Applicants Fall 2021   
    I am applying for SLP Fall 2021 as well! I am also feeling overwhelmed. I didn't do my undergrad in SLP so I am trying to figure out prerequisites and make sure they are all done.
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    gigislp reacted to AmyE in Non-SLP Major, Already Graduated, Deciding about SLP Post-Bacc   
    Me three! I also did my undergraduate degree in linguistics. I did my post-bacc classes at Portland State, and I based the classes I took on their graduate school admission requirements because they were my first pick.  I looked at my other top choices too and tried to make sure I fulfilled their requirements. At PSU as far as I recall there was no specific post-bacc program, I just enrolled as an unmatriculated, non-degree seeking student. 
    I ended up going to Idaho State for my master's, which was my back-up so I didn't really focus on their requirements. I got a phone call from them letting me know that they wanted to accept me but I would have to agree to take a few undergraduate courses that they required. They gave me the option to defer enrollment and take the undergrad classes first, or to start grad school right away on an extended track. I chose to start right away. I took two of the undergrad classes through Idaho State and another through an affiliated university, but I also looked at community colleges (it was like, Physics 101 and Chem 101 I was missing) and I was told they would have accepted those credits. Like the other  person who responded said, some universities just won't accept you if you're missing pre-reqs,so I suggest choosing classes based on the requirements of your top picks.
    I would hope that if you end up getting accepted to a graduate program and you don't meet all their pre-req requirements, they would be able to suggest ways for you to fulfill them,or if not, possibly other students who are in the same boat will have some suggestions.
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    gigislp reacted to Cece93 in To wait or not to wait   
    I completely agree. Knowing they have a place next fall changes things and makes the decision more challenging. I’ve already I had time to gain experience, travel some and live. So I was READY to start school. I think it’s hard when you are ready right now to start. I agree it’s about the journey but also the ending. The ending is a new beginning and the finality of being done with the schooling aspect. Op has a lot to think about.
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    gigislp got a reaction from bibliophile222 in To wait or not to wait   
    Since you have guaranteed admission for 2021, I would ask myself whether waiting a year would be wasting a year of time or not. In a way I have to wait a year too, while I get prerequisites done and school starts for 2021 (hopefully not 2022). I was upset when I realized this but then I started looking for things related to speech pathology like working at a lab or getting a job as an ABA technician and this made the wait feel much more worthwhile. Your situation is very different, so there may not be anything that will make the wait not feel like you are waisting time. If waiting a year won't help you in any way besides helping you pay less for school, I would go with the private school. If during this year you are able to do something that will benefit you in someway, whether it's relevant experience, traveling, or raising your quality of life, why not wait a year? As cheesy as it is, it's about the journey, not just the destination)) But if this year is going to be hell for you, then is it really worth going through that just to save money? You applied there so I'm assuming you were ready to pay that sum if it was the only school that accepted you, so why hesitate now? Hope these thoughts help!))
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    gigislp got a reaction from studygal in What post-bacc did you complete and what grad-schools did you get into?   
    Thank you! That was so helpful, I want to apply to San Francisco State and Portland University so that is really good to know! Also congratulations on all your acceptances and your decision
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    gigislp reacted to slptobe! in Help for a Hopeful SLP   
    Hi! I majored in SLHS at my undergrad. But if you have any questions, don't be afraid to PM me with them! 
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    gigislp reacted to studygal in What post-bacc did you complete and what grad-schools did you get into?   
    Hi! I completed USU's 2nd Bachelor's program and the schools I was accepted/denied to are listed in my signature. I can't recommend USU's program highly enough! It made more sense to me to get a COMD degree rather than try and complete all of the individual requirements for Cal State schools (although I think some schools like CSUSM still want you to have all of their class equivalents completed regardless of whether you have a degree- hopefully I'm not remembering incorrectly), but I recognize not everyone is able to manage that financially. I had a COMD minor from my first degree, however, so I only had to take 10 classes at USU instead of the usual 12. I also have a friend who is a current SLP in a school district who got a significant pay raise for having a Bachelor's degree in COMD so it was worth it for her to do USU's program in the long run, but I'm not sure whether that's an exception. In regards to the ASHA requirements, usually you'll have to check with the individual program to see if your classes qualify if you're unsure. I hope this is helpful!
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    gigislp reacted to bibliophile222 in Non-SLP Major, Already Graduated, Deciding about SLP Post-Bacc   
    I actually did not need conditional acceptance because my missing class was one that they didn't require for admission. If you have it, great, if not, you take it during the grad program. There were maybe 5 or 6 of us that took it in grad school.
    I actually did take phonetics again because Pacific had a set bunch of courses you had to take to complete the program. It was okay, though, because my linguistics phonetics class was more about the linguistic theories and didn't have as much IPA and sound locations, so it was nice to take it through the lens of an SLP instead of a linguist.
    I do want to warn that not all schools will take you if you're missing prereqs. They might have a conditional acceptance and you have to take them the summer before you begin school. I think that was the case for one school I applied to. For all I know, others might be super strict and want all of them complete before they even accept you. The best plan is to check carefully with each school and see what they require. 
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    gigislp reacted to Cece93 in Non-SLP Major, Already Graduated, Deciding about SLP Post-Bacc   
    I decided on a post bacc because I figured if I did one it would cover almost everything I needed. I wasn’t necessarily missing a class that was required but aural rehabilitation would’ve been nice for me to take. I found that out during interview day. It wasn’t a problem for my school or any I applied too. But you can always ask the programs you like if you’re missing something. Also I agree, have a list of schools you want to apply to and what they require. It'll be easier to make sure you have everything done. Worse comes to worse you could always take the courses the summer before you start if you are missing something. Or have it added to your grad courses if that’s an option. 
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    gigislp reacted to bibliophile222 in Non-SLP Major, Already Graduated, Deciding about SLP Post-Bacc   
    You sound just like me, linguistics major and all! There is no nice and easy answer, unfortunately. I knew which schools I wanted when I started my post-bacc, so I was able to look up the prereqs on their program website and make sure they matched up. It wasn't a perfect match, and I did end up having to take a final prereq during the summer of my grad program. Looking back on it, I can't remember if I would have been okay at the other schools or if I would have had to take one or two extra there as well.
    Your best bet is to pick a post-bacc with a decent selection of courses that are really common to all grad programs, then apply to schools that don't have a ridiculous number of prereqs. I did my post-bacc online through Pacific University. It had 8 courses: phonetics, A&P, audiology/hearing rehab, clinic methods, neuroanatomy, language development, intro to CSD, and speech science. These are all the basics that you'll need. Just note that California schools, for instance, tend to require a lot of courses that are typically only grad level, like speech sound disorders and fluency. I only applied to East Coast schools, so it worked out for me, but if you want to apply to California schools you should probably take a post-bacc through one of them as well.
    As far as cheapest, I don't know the answer for sure. Pacific was pretty reasonable, but I've also heard people say that USU and ENMU are pretty cheap.
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    gigislp reacted to liketobeaud in Audiology Applicants Fall 2021   
    Hey everyone! It might be early but I want to start a thread for people applying to programs this fall! Super nervous and excited! 😊Tips are welcome. Where are you applying?
    Applying to: Vanderbilt University, University of Texas at Dallas, Washington University in St. Louis, University of Arizona, University of Texas Austin, University of Memphis, University of Kansas, University of Florida, University of Oklahoma, University of North Texas, and Texas Tech University Health Science Center
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    gigislp reacted to BriP157 in Audiology Applicants Fall 2021   
    Hey I am applying this Fall 2021 also. However, I am applying for speech pathology. You are applying for a lot of the same programs I have been looking into. How is the apps process going for you so far? Honestly I am feeling overwhelmed. 
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    gigislp reacted to Dylan M in Speech Language Pathology Prerequisites   
    My BA is in linguistics, so I'm trying to gain information on what kind of prerequisites I need in order to apply to a master's program in speech language pathology.

    Each school's individual requirements are pretty straightforward but, so far, every school has given me a different answer as to what exactly the ASHA requirements are.
    In terms of the general prerequisites (social science, statistics, sciences, etc) I'm good to go. However in terms of the SPA courses, some schools are telling me that Intro to Hearing Sciences (or similar) is an ASHA requirement but some schools are telling me that I don't need it, which obviously doesn't make sense because if it's an ASHA requirement, shouldn't all schools require it? 

    Besides coursework, are there any other requirements besides 25 hours of clinical observation? 

    I'm trying to figure out everything on my own and since every program is giving me different answers as to what is and is not required, I'm afraid I will find out too late that I am missing something and not have enough time to complete it before the program starts. (I am aiming for an August 2021 start date and am starting my prerequisite coursework this fall) 

    I would so appreciate any information or tips, and to speak with someone who went into SLP from an out-of-field BA. Thanks!
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