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  1. I spoke with Loyola on the phone and they said they sent out their first wave of decisions, if we have not heard back, our applications are still under review and we should hear back in the second wave. They had a lot of applications this year.
  2. Is anyone still waiting to hear from Loyola Maryland PsyD? I see results on the results page but have yet to receive an email, wondering if I should reach out?
  3. Hi! I am applying to Rutgers PsyD! I included a faculty member as well as a few classes i was interested in. I would definitely mention research experience that is always good!! The approach I took was to come from a genuine place but also trying to be as straightforward as possible. I have an intro with a little background about me and why I want to pursue psychology, how that developed and a few of my clinical/work experiences. Then dedicated a paragraph to the school.
  4. Hi! I am a senior looking to apply to clinical psychology PsyD programs! Specifically, Chicago School of Professional Psych (DC), George Washington U (DC) and Loyola U (MD). Can any current PsyD students or anyone with more info on these programs please provide me with some more insight? I’ve done my own research but i’m looking to hear from real people. Also please feel free to add any more advice if you have any more advice to offer regarding the PsyD application process in general!! Thanks
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