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  1. Hi! It really depends on the cohort, I think. Some professors really value publications; others, don't. I personally had two first-author publications. But about half of my cohort didn't have any publications at all. Others had one or two publications that had a mix of first author or 2nd/3rd authors. I did get in touch with faculty before submitting my application. I'd highly suggest reaching out to ensure that they're taking students; a ton of applications are put at a disadvantage because the students list potential supervisors who aren't taking students, so definitely reach out, at le
  2. I feel incredibly blessed to be at York. It has a lot of benefits. Namely: 1) The faculty are amazing. They're incredibly supportive, and everything has a very collaborative approach and feel to it. For example, if I'm having difficulty with stats, there's not only a statistical consulting group that I can contact, but I would also feel completely comfortable emailing any of my past stats professors to meet and chat. The professors are really clearly teaching because they love teaching, and it truly shows in how they lay out their courses and interact with their students. Each prof I've h
  3. Hi everyone, I'm a current clinical psychology PhD student at York university. If anyone has any questions related to the program, or any York-specific questions, I'd be more than happy to answer them- feel free to message me, or just reply in-thread. This is such an exciting time for all of you; keep your heads up- it's worth it!
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