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  1. I know that we're near the end and very close to being disbanded but ya'll I just have to say it: THANK YOU! You all have been a tremendous source of support and strength and I cannot say enough how meaningful it's been to connect with many of you offline, in real life (zoom), etc. I didn't think I'd find a community of people who in the face of a pandemic, national unrest, etc., were like "you know what? F*ck it, let's apply"--but I'm so very happy I did. So cheers, you brilliant crazies! Now let's go leave our imprint on this field. 🍾🥂
  2. Ah. I see. Gotcha. But you have a solid plan though, so you’re in great shape. Congrats again! 🥂
  3. Congrats! I know that must feel great. Why is it not funded in year 1? Is no one funded in that first year? Glad you have a plan to make it work though!
  4. Also, I want to add that, although I found this forum super helpful, for others this place was damaging to their mental health. The admissions process is brutal and the collective anxiety here can be too much for many. So I don’t begrudge anyone from unplugging.
  5. Definitely true. But I think it’s because this thread is for applicants. When you’re already locked in, it’s not as relevant. And I think most hesitate to talk about their next steps (planning a move, quitting their shitty job, picking classes etc) when others are reeling from not hearing back. I’m a woman but I’m pretty willing to say that bragging about an admit while people are trying to pick up the pieces of a crazy cycle is a d*ck move. But with that said, if anyone wants to start a new thread about the hereafter, I’m definitely down to contribute!
  6. I have an interview at University of Arizona tomorrow... If I had to guess, maybe I was on some sort of a waitlist and then contacted after an unsuccessful first round, not very sure. Putting this out there more so for folks waiting for this school and thinking all is lost. It definitely is not!
  7. For those still playing the waiting game, how are you holding up?
  8. It would be nice to have a thread or something where we’re able to talk about our first semester. I’m sure the folks applying next year would be interested to see what the schools are like from the vantage of first years. Good idea, @DrPH20xy! If you get whatever you’re thinking going, I’d be happy to contribute.
  9. On another note, here's my obligatory weekly ask: Has anyone heard from the University of Arizona?
  10. Honestly, I think the "fresher" the recommendations, the better. If you're in industry and those people can speak better to your skillset, are able to demonstrate the real-world implications of the work you engage in (lives saved, programs streamlined, children fed, etc.), and can honestly say the field is better with you in it, I say go for it. It's rare that a professor, especially one from years out, could give that much color to a letter. Good luck to you! PS. Many schools will be doing away with or re-evaluating the role that the GRE should have in graduate studies. I, for one,
  11. I am not familiar with those schools (although I’m partial to Tulane because I went to school next door) but I’d look at current students’ CVs and see if the experiences, pubs (and their impact factors), and external funding match what you envision for your own CV. I’d also look to see what graduates do in the 1-2 years thereafter. If you’re seeing more on the tenure track than are postdocs, that’s a strong indicator of connections and preparedness than anything else. If you’re seeing more folks in industry, I’d assess whether you’d be interested in similar roles and if they’re in more senior/
  12. Wouldn’t hesitate to go part time if that were an option and I were in your shoes. Edit: Funding needs to involve 0 debt or near that or I’d likely go full time.
  13. What do you plan to do with the degree when you’re done? That would be the deciding factor for me. If I wanted an academic career or research career (at a university, medical school, think tank, etc), I’d do full time. If I wanted to climb the ranks of my current company, work in government (but not a strictly research capacity), a NGO, etc., Id go for the part time model
  14. Likely yes. But you’ve got to do what make sense to you.
  15. Congrats on USF! Are you still leaning towards Texas?
  16. The deadline is in a little over 3 weeks. It feels a little surreal to me that University of Arizona (and similar schools) is moving this incredibly slow to make initial offers. If this is your only chance at an admit, please know that I'm crossing my fingers for you and hoping those folks in Tucson (and everywhere, really) put a little urgency in their damn step.
  17. Congrats, Dr. HealthMatters! PS. Screw the rankings! If this program is going to help you achieve your career goals with 0 debt then that sounds like a steal to me!
  18. For anyone seeing this cycle as a “fight to the finish,” where every applicant to “your” program is a threat, let me give you a real example of why you being an asshole is the wrong move. @CommunityHealth21and I applied to some of the same schools, got waitlisted at the same place and are now accepted into the same program. Instead of seeing each other as competition, we DM’d each other with insider info (eg “how is USF really??), debriefed on interviews; and they were even kind enough to offer to connect me to someone who got in the program, (despite being waitlisted and hoping for a spot to
  19. I have a one year old and start my program this fall (albeit remotely at first), so I'll be able to report back then! My kiddo is very young and is very much a distraction (the sweetest, cutest kind), so I'm a bit nervous, to be honest. With that said, although I know that grad school can be grueling, I've spent many years in a very demanding career, working ungodly hours, and I still managed. I think (and hope!) that grad school will be easier than that.
  20. Hey Folks! Any word from the University of Arizona?
  21. THIS is how you get someone excited about a school! It’s not even remotely a fit but I’m like “Damn! I should have made it work.” Haha.
  22. For those that have applied to University of Arizona (like myself) and are still waiting to hear back, I wanted to just drop this link regarding the school pulling funding offers last year. I was told by a graduate student (not in public health) that, although they aren’t doing that this year, stipends are often reduced, as are all faculty and staff salaries. This is pretty disheartening, considering that this school doesn’t have a history of great funding to begin with. https://www.insidehighered.com/news/2020/04/09/arizona-withdraws-funded-graduate-offers https://www.wildcat.a
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