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  1. So since all the results basically comes out, I'm currently struggle between Cornell Tech and University of Chicago, I'm an international student with Computer Science and Psychology background from a US college Cornell Tech: Program: Dual Master in Connective Media Scholarship: 40K for two years Pros: cool campus, related to HCI which I'm interested in, Good job opportunities, great professional placement according to website Cons: too much focus on programming?, too expensive, not as reputation as Uchicago? especially Cornell Tech not Cornell Uchic
  2. This is basically the only one program that I'm still waiting for, hope they will come up soon!
  3. Nor did I, They said all results are going to be released before April, but I highly doubt what it means is people are going to be rejected by then and all offers have already been sent out.
  4. Thank you for the information! Do you know when will scholarship info comes out? Though it's a long shot, I'm counting on it to make a decision
  5. Just got an conditional offer from MI! There are two concentrations listed Human-centered Computing and UXD, not sure whether that mean I could choose or something. Will the funding info comes in sometimes recently? I applied in early Jan, emailed Andrea two weeks ago since I got another offer due at Mar 15th and they kindly started reviewing my application immediately, and the results comes in fast
  6. Hi have you received any update? I just saw an accepted in the result from yesterday, but I haven't heard anything, so probably waitlisted I assume?
  7. Thanks! Good luck to us both! I'm waiting for the cognitive neuroscience track but I think they probably haven't make any decision yet.
  8. That's what I thought too... The scholarships presented on their website are not too much in comparison to the tuition, most of them are around 5000 dollars
  9. Anybody heard back from Dartmouth Psychological and Brain Sciences yet? It's already March and 1 month after the interview, I was not contacted by PI nor by the committee at all, does that mean I'm probably rejected?
  10. For those who've got the offer already, did they mention anything about the entry scholarship in the offer? I know it's a early question, and I haven't even got the decision yet, but just trying to compare with other programs I've received already.
  11. Has anyone heard back from Dartmouth PBS yet, it's been nearly a month after the interview, does no update mean I'm rejected or waitlisted?
  12. GradApp, I actually haven't found a way to apply through ApplyWeb
  13. I applied to the Psych concentration as well! My status is still submitted so I doubt they have ever started the application review or not...
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