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  1. Yayyyyy!!! That's incredible! I'm so happy for you!!!
  2. That's so kind, thank you so much! Congrats on Ohio and I'll be crossing my fingers for u and the rest of your season!!!
  3. In at UConn!! I'm genuinely so excited and especially after getting back to back rejections from Yale and Cornell, it's amazing to know I'll have somewhere to go!! Thank you to all of you for providing such a welcoming and thoughtful place on the internet!
  4. So if Cornell waitlists have gone out does that mean that the two acceptances last week were the only ones? also the lone McGill acceptance? and also Yale?? I feel very confused and I thrive on information but none of it is clear and my poor lil portals are just sitting there undisturbed!!
  5. This whole process is so so frustrating, but hang in there! Nothing's over till it's over and I know it's hard to think this way, but being waitlisted is already a huge recognition of your accomplishments! Sometimes what helps me is just whispering, "I am not my application," over and over again, almost like meditating. Either way, it's totally okay to have moments where you want to wallow. I'm also here if you or anyone wants to message me or needs to vent!!
  6. Okay not that I thought I would ever get into Yale, but seeing on the results page that they're only going to be admitting THREE STUDENTS makes even the EXISTENCE of that dream feel silly. Ugh, wishing everyone as restful a weekend as possible rn! I am going to order several pastries as a treat!!
  7. YES. It's been so hard to navigate what I rationally know about this process (decisions come in waves, there's tons of different factors, it's all about fit), with what feels like a constantly evolving emotional rollercoaster. Especially when we know that this application season is bizarre in about a thousand different ways that we can't anticipate!!
  8. Literally could not sleep last night because I kept hearing the song "Jolene" except instead of Jolene, it was "Cornell" over and over again. We're in for quite a week I think! Congrats to those accepted!!
  9. If you open the application, there's a tab at the top that says "Account & Forms" and then at the bottom it now says that I've been nominated by the department for the fellowship. I haven't heard anything else from them but am cautiously optimistic?
  10. Thank you so much for the info! Crossing my fingers for both of us!
  11. Does anyone know what the deal is with the UConn fellowships? It says on my portal that I've been nominated for one by a faculty member, but also feel like maybe they just nominate all applicants? Does anyone have any insight?
  12. For me, kind of both!! I got my first rejection last week and it honestly was such a relief to hear some kind of news. However, it was from one of my lower ranked schools, so even though I'd prepped myself for months about how TONS of people get accepted from higher ranked programs after being turned away for lower ranked programs, I found myself more nervous and doubting myself. That being said, my emotions have been on the wildest journey they've ever been throughout this process so it is constantly changing and in flux haha. Sorry for the rambling non-answer!!
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