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  1. Yeah - I was the person who was interviewed for the JHU DrPH program back in January. It definitely does not seem to be the norm so I wouldn't read into it too much. One person from JHU looked at my LinkedIn a week ago but otherwise it's been radio silence since then. Completely agree that this is worse than dating was!! 🤣 Last communication with JHU was decisions would be sent out the first week of March.
  2. I just got rejection notification from UNC DrPH program. Still waiting on feedback from JHU DrPH program after informal interview in late January.
  3. Thanks! I applied to the health informatics track. Best of luck to you as well! Interviews are on an ad hoc basis. From the website, it says "...receiving a request for an interview is not indicative of an admissions decision and vice versa." I just received an email from potential faculty advisor, and I gladly accepted it. The status in the portal says "Application Under Review" on my side as well. So who knows where I stand amongst the rest of the applicants, but fingers crossed!
  4. Thanks! I know, I've been a stress ball waiting as is...but 5.5 more weeks -- we got this after waiting this long already! 😃
  5. Hey all - Thanks for your updates! I only applied to DrPH programs at UNC and Hopkins (HPM concentration). I interviewed with a Hopkins faculty member late last week. It was very laid back. Based on that convo and an email exchange with admissions, it sounds like decisions will be sent to applicants on or around the first week of March. I have not heard anything from UNC yet. Best of luck to everyone!
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