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  1. Hey! For those applying to Dal, I'm kind of confused about the due date. It says that it's due on the 15th but then also states that if the due date falls on a weekend then it is the following Monday. Does this mean that it would be fine for me to email my additional information form on Monday? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi I can't speak to UBC but for UofA, I spoke to Vicky asking this exact question and she said it was fine so I uploaded my unofficial transcripts until I could get my officials.
  3. Hey! I read on Dal's website that it can take 4-6 weeks after the admission deadline for the online checklist to show received documents. Kinda scary because there is no way to know for sure whether your letters have been properly received...
  4. I'm not sure if it is the same with every school but when I requested my transcripts online it gave me the option to select the number of copies I wanted to send. I would look for the option when you go to request your transcripts. If you can't find it then definitely contact the registrars office at your school for assistance. Hope that helps
  5. Yeah you can just ignore it! I only submitted 2 references because they knew me well and could write me strong reference letters. I didn't bother getting a 3rd reference for my particular situation because it would have been from a prof who didn't know me very well.
  6. Hi, For those that applied to Dal, are any of your reference letters or transcripts showing up as received? Mine aren't and I'm getting nervous.
  7. Hey! Graduate record exams used to be a requirement for Dal SLP but they've since gotten rid of that requirement. They haven't updated their application system to reflect that change.
  8. Hi, I have paid for and submitted my U of A application but have not uploaded all of my files. Once you've paid you can go back into it and upload transcripts, CV's and SOI's. However, you do need your transcripts uploaded to actually pay for the application. I didn't have my official transcript from one of my schools because they don't email them so I uploaded my unofficial. You can go back into the application, remove the unofficial and then upload the official.
  9. Hi, Is anyone including their volunteer experiences under personal submissions on ORPAS for UofT and Western? I know both programs have mentioned that they won't be considering that information so I'm wondering if there is any point. If you are, are you strictly mentioning your volunteer experiences with an SLP? I have volunteer experience helping ESL students with their English language development and comprehension skills but I'm not sure if this would be relevant. Thanks!
  10. Hey all! Does anyone know if it looks really bad to U Alberta if one prerequisite has a low grade? I took it in my first year of uni and didn't do my best.
  11. Hi all! I will be applying for the first time next admissions cycle! I was looking for information on the application process and stumbled upon this super helpful forum. Congrats to everyone who was accepted and to those who were not keep your heads high! Hopefully I'll get to chat with some of you in the 2022 Canadian SLP forum. I have a question for those who were accepted at Alberta; how did you highlight your experiences with EDI in your application? Also, when they say that the minimum requirement is a 3.3 GPA do they mean sGPA of cGPA?
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