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  1. Does anyone know if all Columbia IEOR decisions have been made? I have seen admits, waitlists, and rejects. But still no decision!!!
  2. Usually if you have a GEM profile, you will hear from GEM member universities. Even if you decide to go to a university you have not applied to yet, they have to be a GEM member university for you to have the fellowship. I suggest you try some GEM universities that have later deadlines. Some are still accepting, especially Columbia University MS programs.
  3. Hello Folks! I just wanted to reach out to you guys so you do not freak out too much. About me: I was a GEM university fellow in 2014 and ended up at an ivy league school. So this is what I remember: 1. There is usually a first round of selection of GEM fellows, sort of, then 2. You will be asked as time goes on to contact employers to ask if they would sponsor you from the GEM list on the website, at least that is what we did in 2014, 3. For GEM applicants that receive offers of admission to their universities, you can ask your rep to fill out the GEM contract form Note: They may be some applicants that will be rejected after March 15th but they try to help secure either a Full GEM or Ass GEM fellowship. If all else fails => rejected from GEM fellowship. At least, that was my experience in 2014. Things might have changed since then. I dunno. Hope this helps.
  4. Just an FYI. So from last year, there were like 3 rounds of selection. Some applicants will get automatic rejections in the first round. If you have not been notified, it could be that you are either still under consideration for a GEM fellowship from an employer or they are trying to get you a GEM Associate/University fellowship from the school you are planning to attend (if it delays, they might ask you to contact the school directly). Good news is that if you still have not received a rejection letter yet, you are still in the game. I know that last year Sandia and Mitre took a lot longer time to decide. It is tough to wait but then you are still in the run for the GEM fellowship....Best of luck!
  5. Employers sometimes contact you directly after you have been selected. The funds are disbursed through your university. You are actually more "attractive" if you can get a GEM fellowship to schools, at least, in my opinion and experience. Schools can also give you the GEM fellowship - you become an Associate or University GEM fellow.
  6. 1) Think of it as a job interview because I think some of the sponsors changed their policy that if they pick you as a GEM fellow you will have a job offer after graduation to work there. As to how much you should know, I am not sure. It's all about their impressions of you 2) The schools that have accepted you don't matter. It depends.... if they bring it up then....maybe you should...... The GEM takes a long time. This might even go into early June so brace yourself........... Good luck!!
  7. I thought to help you out since I know how not knowing what is going on with GEM can drive you nuts. I won a GEM fellowship last year so I know what you are going through. First here is what it means: matched - GEM has not ruled you out yet but they are still looking for an employer to sponsor you held - GEM has found an employer who wants you. If they contact you and you sign the papers, congratulations! You are a full GEM fellow released - sorry the employer did not want to sponsor you! Touch luck. Hope your status changes to matched soon or you will be without a GEM fellowship in the end.... Good luck with your fellowship applications!!!!
  8. I think it is a double - suite. It has 3 rooms for 2 occupants......
  9. Just got my graduate offer too. OGC! Happy!
  10. This for the graduate school. It is one of the things we have to give to the graduate school as part of the new student process. I am guessing they want to have it on their website or for their records. I submitted my CV for the graduate school application, I am not sure about the format, etc. for this resume they are requesting........
  11. Can you please help me? how much is enough? How many pages is OK? I want to be able to save some trees in case I need to print it out....... Thanks!
  12. From Accra, Ghana in West Africa (and no, Africa is not a country! it is a continent! )...............
  13. My status still says released. GEM did offer the opportunity to be a University Fellow so we'll see how that goes......... Yes. Typically your funding from your graduate school is independent of the GEM. The Associate/University Fellow is like the equivalent of an honorable mention on the Ford Fellowship......... BUT, it gives you access to that small community of scholars, which is a really big deal (In my opinion).
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