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  1. I doubt she has that much power...the admissions committee is a committee for a reason, multiple opinions are taken into account. The stats that she gives may be what SHE wanted but not what the whole committee decided.
  2. I can't speak for other research assistants, but the current job I have right now is not even close to what I plan to study, but I was looking for a new experience which is why I was hired. I do not regret taking this job, I have learned so much and obtained many skills that I know will be helpful for me in graduate school. I can PM you where I am working right now, if you are interested. It is unfortunately out of your state, though (but still on the East Coast!) It is always helpful asking professors/advisers from your university about possible job openings (networking is great!). If
  3. Hi all! I'm very excited to be attending Stanford next Fall. I'll be enrolled in the Developmental and Psychological Sciences PhD housed in the Department of Education. I just filled out my housing application today, and I'm super excited!!
  4. I agree with the posters above as well. I am in a very similar situation as you are (regarding the difference in stipend, research fit, basically everything), and because I may want to pursue a career outside academia (and for various other reasons as well), I am deciding to choose my equivalent to your school Y. It also may be helpful to e-mail your potential adviser at school Y to see if they would be able to really help you facilitate your studies if that would ease your worries. I feel much better about my choice now after e-mailing my adviser and having them tell me that they are confi
  5. My initial expectation was I would not get accepted anywhere. Yes, I was very pessimistic, especially after not hearing from anyone the whole month January (because I know good news precedes bad news). I applied to 10 schools, got accepted to 3, rejected to one after interview with an additional 5 rejections, and waitlisted at 1. What surprised me the most was my acceptance to Stanford! I totally did not even put that in the equation in my head in which I decided which of the schools I applied to I would like to attend most (because I was so sure I would get rejected from it), so it wa
  6. Although I am using objective criteria for comparing two departments I am deciding between, I am relying on my gut feeling as well. The visits for both schools were great, but I really fell in love with school A during the visit more than school B. School B definitely offers me great opportunities relating to research, as well as great faculty conducting research I am interested in (school A has a great research fit as well, but not as great as school but I did not get the greatest vibe when visiting there... I can't really explain it. I just feel like school A would offer me better opport
  7. When making a decision like this, I think it's best to think as practically as you can. It's great that you can admit that the reasoning you gave is superficial, but please think about which situation would be best for your family, not your pride or bragging rights. I'm impressed that you were able to get such an amazing job offer with a masters! A research scientist position sounds like a position for a PhD, especially with that salary, but you were able to get such a position without going through 5-7 more years of education, that's really great and you should be proud of yourself! If
  8. Wow, you got yourself a tough situation here but that's because you're choosing between some wonderful offers! Congratulations!! If I were in your position, I think I would take the job without accepting either of the graduate school offers. Graduate school itself (from what I hear) is like a full time job, and if you want to get the best out of the program, I don't think having a full-time job is advisable. On a side note, that would be so much commuting! Your gas expenses would skyrocket, plus that much time spent in the car could be well-spent somewhere else. Also, since you an
  9. When I got my first official acceptance (which is most likely the program I will attend), I was at an informal dinner as part of an interview weekend for another university. The acceptance was also to the highest ranked school I applied to, so that definitely brought by confidence up for the interview. The only bummer was that I couldn't really shout the news to anyone in proximity...would've been a bit of an awkward situation haha.
  10. I really love the positive replies to this post that the PhD job market is not so bad! In one of the PhD programs I got accepted to, there was a report that 23/24 of graduates in 2012 were able to obtain a position with a great median salary (and that last person was put as currently searching, but hey they may have found a job now). I have read really negative articles about PhD's not finding job opportunities, so it is great hearing positive news from you guys. With a lot of hard work and preparation beforehand it should be possible!
  11. Tubulin, I totally understand where you are coming from. I do think location is important in making a decision, because you don't want to be unhappy where you will be living, right? Also, take into account other factors surrounding the location such as the culture of the town you're in, what students do for fun, etc. My situation is a little different since I will be spending the next 5-7 years of my life at my program, but I know someone who said that he was totally fine living in a rural area (from a diverse, urban area) during the two years of his masters program because he was in the li
  12. Since we are nearing to the end of the application cycle with some of us fortunate enough to hold multiple offers, I thought it would be helpful to start a thread on some questions to ask faculty and graduate students to help you make that final decision. Right now, I am deciding between two programs and it's a really, really tough decision. But, I find myself asking more, in-depth questions than I did for the interview. Here are some questions I came up with, and please feel free to reply to this thread and add your input. I'm sure it will help a lot of people out since there are many who
  13. I totally understand how you feel. :/ I did not get rejected from Columbia but another school in which I paid over $200 for the application (!!). Thankfully, it was one of the few fees I had to pay. BUT, regardless of that large fee, I was not able to find out I was rejected until I contacted the program director who was quick to respond and say I was rejected in one short sentence of about 15 words. I Another bad part is, that they are planning to send out "official" letters at the end of March, so they already know the decisions yet they just wait to tell people, which I think is terrib
  14. I totally did the same thing when I visited a school this past weekend! I was accepted to the school (have not officially taken the offer yet), and I bought a bunch of things for family and friends from the bookstore and spent so much! haha. I will most likely go to this school but have another school visit that may change my mind. For more merchandise, I am going to wait until I am officially a student...maybe students get some sort of discount.
  15. Congrats! I am waiting to hear from them, I applied for their Developmental Psychology and Education PhD program. I did not get any interview, (except for one way back in October/November before I officially submitted the application), so I am thinking the outcome is not so well, but I guess I can only wait and see. Hopefully, they will let me know soon enough, I anticipate making my decision by the end of next week. I have a question to ask you, I will sent it in a PM. Congrats again!!
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