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  1. I'm a senior at a small liberal arts college and manage to get one publication when I was applying. I was only accepted to 1 school out of 9 I applied, but I'm kinda glad cause I really like the program. To be honest, I was very very lucky. I had shit GRE scores, and I'm sure there were alot of great applicants. My research interests really matched the POI and the entire department so yeaaa
  2. Hey I was the same for a very long long time. My friends were all sick of me bitching bout grad school rejections!!! I just got off the waitlist 2 hours ago, and I am fucking excited. There is always hope! I never believe it when people kept telling me it will be fine, but it will actually be fine!!!! I hope your luck will turn soon!!!
  3. Ph.D. program. I guess more rejections are on the way!
  4. anyone heard back from Boston College??
  5. man i applied to 9 schools, 1 official rejection, and only had 1 interview (and was waitlisted)... im already going crazy...
  6. i don't think BC does interviews... try emailing the phd office, they are usually pretty good at replying within a day
  7. If you've been accepted to Northeastern and will not go (or have other offers), pleaseee turn it down soon. I'm on the waitlist and really wanna go there. this is my top choice and i have no heard back from anywhere else
  8. I applied to BC's PhD (and masters). They said offers will be made in late Feb or early March
  9. i got really screwed over by my GRE scores... 2+ years of research experience, good GPA, awesome LOR, wrote individual personal statement for each school (spent months on them), 1 publication, and conference presentations- still not enough i guess
  10. I kept holding onto the hope that business schools are just late this year, but gonna stop fooling myself now... I got really screwed over by my GRE. Admissions "don't put too much weight on GRE scores" my ass...
  11. yea I am giving up... can't hope for anything now
  12. well this sucks... Anyone heard anything bout INSEAD, Harvard, Berkeley Haas, or UCSD Rady??
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