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  1. Thank you What I did that I found helpful was attending an information meeting and really getting a good grasp of the mission statement of the program and school, and incorporating that into my essays. Other than that, work experience is what I'm sure supported my application. It doesn't hurt to contact the program committee to see where they currently are with the admission process too I would think. Good luck to you all!
  2. Thank you!!!! I was never on pending status. But about a month ago I did get an email saying that my application had officially went through to the admission committee, meaning my application was complete and sent to be reviewed. Weird that it took THAT long to get that kind of an email, but getting that email is better than nothing. Other than that, I was constantly checking the status through the online process where they email you your application status, and it had always been "it is being reviewed".
  3. I just got an email from the admission committee that I have been accepted into their 2 year program! I remember I sent in my application literally right before the due date, just FYI!
  4. I just got an email from the admission committee around 3pm that there is space available for my application to be recommended to the community mental health concentration...."we are able to recommend you to the Graduate Division for admission to our program"...................................... I immediately replied back that YES I am definitely still interested. Have yet to hear back. This does not feel like real life right now. In shock. Does that even mean I am accepted though...?! Good luck to everyone else still waiting....and keep us updated on things you hear
  5. I've applied to SJSU as well, the website just says "referred to grad department". At least my application made it through, lol. So I have a friend who is currently attending their MSW program. I remember when she was first admitted, the main director of the program Barry Goldman gave her a phone call letting her know she is accepted. So this could be the case this year as well.
  6. I have applied to both CSUF and CSULB too, have yet to hear anything. I checked on both websites and both have said they received my application but that is it. Is this the same for everyone else when checking their CSULB app status: You enter your ID and birthdate, and they send you a letter via personal email about your current status? That's what has been given to me....different system from other schools, so was just wondering if I was missing something or not.. Good luck to everyone.
  7. I am wait listed under community mental health.....ahhhhh
  8. Thank you for your input! I've been actively working in inpatient mental health for more than 4 years now, so I am pretty set on going to the micro/clinical community mental health route (although I am open to seeing what parts of the macro side of social work could be appealing to what I feel I would want to pursue professionally).
  9. Thank you for your input, much appreciated!
  10. Can anyone please give me a good draft of the top ranking MSW programs in California, based on job outcomes and graduate school experience? Many people around me have been talking down about the more expensive schools (like USC), and promoting the cheaper ones (UCB, SJSU, etc). But will any of those schools give you the same chancec of getting the experience and job you want as a top social worker? Or does a school's name really make a difference here? I understand that for example with Law schools and medical schools, a school's name definitely matters. But for social work, since its more ab
  11. I am applying to the MSW@USC online program for Fall 2013. I was wondering if anyone who was in this program before or is currently in it can give me their opinion on how they like this program? Is it as fully interactive as it can be like an actual on campus program would be?? I have worries I will miss out on networking and not being able to make great friendships with my colleagues due to the program being online Thanks!
  12. Thank you for replying to this post, good to know the date range to expect. If you don't mind me asking, what CSU did you end up at? Specializing in Social Psychology I'm assuming from you profile? Knowing other options would be helpful for me, in the case I'd have to apply to programs next year again.. But if you don't want to disclose that info I understand
  13. Anyone else apply to Masters programs in Psychology in California for Fall 2012? I applied to these following schools: -San Francisco State MA Social Psychology -San Jose State MA Experimental Psychology -CSULB MA Psychological Research -CSULA MA Psychology -CSU Fullerton MA Psychological Research but have yet to hear from any of them. Just wondering if there was anyone else in the same/similar boat!
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