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  1. Hey I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions about housing in the Temple area/ How bad is it really? I am starting the PhD program at Temple Medical School in the fall and I've only been to the city once (when I interviewed). I am moving from across the country and have never looked for a place on the east coast before. I know the system is a bit different over there. My brother lives in New York and keeps talking about broker fees etc. Will I need to go through a broker or will craigslist and other listings work? If I go through craigslist should I still expect to pay a broker fee?
  2. I did my undergrad in Liberal Arts (Great Books Program) and I am going into a BioMedical PhD program in Genetics and Cancer. I did two internships in Genetics and Bio Medical while completing my undergrad- which probably helps. My fiance also did the same great books program, and is now going into Urban Planning, she also did 3 urban planning related internships during the summers. Our course load was heavy in everything, math, science, social sciences, philosophy, language, etc. However, we are still going in completely different directions from our undergrad.
  3. Thanks again everyone, I know I came off kind of brisk at first because I felt kinda disheartened after getting rejected at my filet mignon (I love the analogy runfastmalachi) and I appreciate the consideration. I also felt reassured hearing that further research will define my career just as much, if not more then my graduate research. My father is the only one in my immediate family with a PhD and his career has been almost entirely on the same problem his dissertation addressed, and I wasn't sure how much that is universally true. My decision is obviously colored by the LTR but I th
  4. Thanks for the advice and assurance. My partner thought I should point out that a large factor in my application to this school was her interest in a school in the same city (she subsequently did not get an offer at that school)- so the program and research there was/is interesting to me, but not as much so the other programs I applied. I definitely recognize that funding is limited, positions are difficult to come by, and I am grateful I received an acceptance at all. Just feeling a bit of cold feet. I guess my biggest concern left is the research, and the pressure on Cancer Genetic
  5. So here is my story. I applied to 6 schools and have heard back from every school. (except a UK school that was a long shot as they only have 1 non EU funded spot and I doubt they will give it to an American over an equally good candidate from a common wealth country) I have 1 acceptance. It is from my last choice, a bio-medical research PhD program at one of the top 50 medical research schools in the country (although low on the top 50 list). I just found out today that I was not accepted off the wait-list at one of my top choices because of limited spots this year (I visited the campus an
  6. Deffinitly, but not this year. I would travel for a few more years instead and pursue it in a bit since I wouldn't have to worry about careers.
  7. 1 acceptance! Hell I'll be honest, first acceptance! Still awesome, they want me they really want me!
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