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Hello all,

So, I have a tough decision to make.  I have struggled to find out what I want to do as a career then I came across SLP.  I researched it and learned about it from my sister, who just passed her PRAXIS for SLP.  I knew this would be something I would enjoy doing.  I love the idea of it, it is very interesting to me, I love working with kids, and I would like to work in a hospital or school.  However, I do not have a very good GPA and I am nervous about being screwed in life if I don't end up getting into a masters program for SLP even if I reapply and don't get in because I don't want to be reapplying for years and years.  My GPA is 3.04 right now entering my spring semester as a junior, it is low due to me starting out in biology and figuring out that is not for me, I also didn't have good study habits and didn't try as hard as i could have.  My first semester of this junior year I did get a 3.8 GPA and took a language development and communicative disorders class and got an A in that.  My current university does not offer CSD major, so I am trying to decide if i should transfer to university of Minnesota Twin-cities and further pursue this or find something else like Athletic training which I am also considering as my other choice if I choose not to go the SLP route.  Also, if I did transfer it would be 4 semesters of work to graduate with a Speech language hearing sciences degree which is the same as CSD.  Is it possible for me to get into a program?  I am a male by the way, so I don't know how much of an advantage that gives me in the selection process because I see there are few males in the profession.  I have read posts like mine where people have gotten in with low GPA's with bolstering other things like GRE and experience but I am just nervous because I feel like that is only a couple people and that doesn't mean it would happen for me.  Any help or suggestions would be great!

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My advice to you would be to pursue a speech language hearing science degree, make all A's in those classes, and STAND OUT to your professors to get stellar letters of recommendations. Nobody is perfect and it's not too late to turn your grades around. I've even seen in some applications where you can include an explanation for why your grades were poor. Also, study as EARLY as possible for the GRE. Sometimes really low GPA's, but high GRE scores can save you. Get involved as much as you can: research, volunteering, observations, etc. Whatever you can do to add to your resume! Hope this helps and good luck!

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